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100 Days No Alcohol Chad is Loving It – I Am Proud of Myself. :)

I have too many people to help live better and longer lives to slow myself down with alcohol. My passion is more important than a glass of wine at night (gave up beer 30 months ago).


Is there anything you love too much and is slowing you down?

Addiction to your cell phone, internet, poisoned before harvested grains (same as sugar), beer, tv, sugar etc. When ready, please share. It is liberating.


Ok, so it has been 60 days since I gave up all alcohol. So far so good.

I am enjoying the added weight loss from not consuming empty carbs/sugar. Averaging 64 kilos compared to 66 upon returning from our Aussie holiday.

More importantly I am feeling better, more alert, happier, my cloths fit better, my guts is smaller etc.

I have saved money and have simply bought better quality water with my saved money. Also spending on great experiences with my family. Like a working holiday visiting Primed clients in Rome.


I will not drink alcohol from July 16th 2016 until September 28th 2018.

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