Rosal is Getting Younger in Sto. Tomas

The champion staff at NEH Philippines have seen some amazing results such as having better sleep, being more vital & vibrant, better skin, regular bowel movements and a lot more energy.

Remember, energy is life.

Picture below is Rosal in July where she looks a little tired and not as vibrant as the picture below it.

NEH Sto. Tomas rock1

Beautiful Rosal is rocking her Primed lifestyle.

  • Rosal has a lot more vitality in her face.
  • Rosal has more energy.
  • Rosal has regular bowel movements (any thing less is a bad sign).
  • Rosal’s skin looks a lot healthier and more vibrant.

Picture below is of Rosal in August where she looks younger and happier.


Here’s What Rosal Did to Get Healthier:

Rosal has become a fat burning beast! 🙂

It makes a big difference to the quality and quantity of your life.

With your food and drinks and environment (and sleep) you are in:

(1) Anti-inflammatory fat burning mode or

(2) Pro-inflammatory fat storing mode. Inflammation leads to disease and advanced aging.

You can easily be healthier by eating real food with real flavor.just like your grandparents did when they lived longer, better quality lives than us now.


Here’s What Rosal Did Less of to Get Healthier:

No longer eating fake food (soy, veg oil, sugar and grains) with fake flavors. Grains are sugar in your body that are poisoned before being harvested.



The Final Word:


Do not have a deathstyle?


Avoiding the sun is probably as bad as eating disease agents like doughnuts.

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