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Primed Daikon Rice and Squash Rice

Here are two easy and beautiful recipes to substitute for your rice.

Rice is not one of the ingredients that is part of my Primed Lifestyle. I am seeking to eat more quality proteins, fruits, vegetables, eggs, nuts, seeds and healthy oils.

Rice was quiet easy for me to stop eating as back in France the only rice that we are eating is more as a cold salad during summer. Rice in France is not like here Philippines, where it is important during a meal, which is why it is so difficult for a Filipino to cut down and totally stop eating.

That is why I came out with these two recipes using daikon radish and squash. Daikon is a very good vegetable used in Japanese and Korean cuisine, is only more or less P 60 per kg, is easy to peel and with this recipe, easy to prepare. The squash is very good as well.

A vos fourneaux (Get cooking)!

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The Best Primed Recipe of Braised Lamb Shoulder with Daikon and Squash Rice

The Lamb shoulder is really one of the best cuts for me, especially the way I prepare it with great spices and cooked slowly.

Lamb shoulder is ideal for slow cooking and has just enough fat that during the cooking it will give great flavors to the lamb.  Add some spices and lemon and serve with Primed daikon and squash rice or our delicious Ratatouille.

This fantastic recipe is one that you cook for sharing between friends or family. It is also one of the very nice recipes that you can enjoy at the Brasserie CiÇou in Greenhills. Please see a review on Brasserie CiÇou here.
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Beautiful Soup: Fish and Seafood Dish ! “Primed Bouillabaisse “

La Bouillabaisse” is a traditional French dish from the city of Marseille. It is a star recipe that people travel to from all over the world to enjoy.

This special dish is traditionally from the fishermen of the port of Marseille who used to make a boiled broth made of little rock fish that restaurants and other people didn’t want to buy because they were small and not well known.

So, the fishermen decided to cook these little rock fish adding some vegetables including garlic and fennel, the main ingredient of the recipe (good thing we can find fennel here in the Philippines!).

La bouillabaisse is a family dish. Warm and hearty; it’s a primed dish.

First, we will make the soup/broth. The broth is made by cooking the fish and vegetables – very tasty and very rich in flavors.

We don’t have the traditional French rock fish from the Mediterranean Sea (rascasse, loup Murène and girelle) for bouillabaisse here in Manila, but we have other fish which are very tasty as well (lapu lapu, red mullet, tursilyo, maya maya etc.).

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Primed Pica-Pica, Apéritif or Apérot by Chef CiÇou

Pica pica is one of the Tagalog names I like most. Not simply because of the food by itself, but the ambiance that will be. Pica pica is like the aperot in France, and normally these moments are always fun and relaxed. You eat and drink with your family or friends while waiting for your lunch or dinner to be ready.

I love pâtés, pork rillette and pâtés de campagne. All of these are easy to make and are available to buy at Brasserie CiÇou.

These items are so easy and tasty to eat, especially with a crispy warm bread. I decided not to eat bread though, so if like me, you decided to be primed and remove the bread from your diet you can still enjoy some pâtés or rillettes but use other items that are more nutritious than bread. Eggplant goes very well with the chicken liver pâtés for example.

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The Primed Eggs Benedictine

Eggs Benedictine, is the winner of all egg preparation. It is good for breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack and dinner.

If you don’t know how to do an Eggs Benedictine then please continue to read this recipe.

Single or married, you have to know how to do an Eggs Benedictine. It’s the recipe to impress your loved ones. Also, your friends and family. A very good Eggs Benedictine is always appreciated by everyone.

You can be so creative with this egg dish and include a lot of Primed ingredients. It is not expensive, rich in protein and good for your health.

You have so much choice now on the market to get good quality eggs from different farms. The one that I like is from Pamora Farm where Tina and Gerard Papillon have a first class operation. Visit to see what I mean. They take good care of their chickens and it tastes very much like the egg we can find in France.
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Stuffed Vegetables  or “Les FARÇIES”

This a dish that my mom (like any French mom) cooks in France. There is a lot of variation, depending on which part of France you come from.  There is some preparation, but the finished dish is so yummy that you forget all the hard work when you dig into this beautiful and healthy dish and see the smiling faces of your friends and family.

This is a complete meal!  Firstly, there is the meat: ground pork, beef or any poultry, like chicken or duck, even certain fish like Lapu-Lapu or prawns, etc. Secondly, the vegetables used can be any kind of vegetables (this allows you to be creative in choosing your vegetables) and the combination of both makes it a primed recipe.

You can also be creative with this dish by adding some spices to make it more to your liking. So are we ready? Then follow me into my kitchen for the recipe and preparation.

Here we go.

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It is always hard to think of a vegetable dish to prepare for yourself. Most of the time you are thinking of rice or pasta because it’s easier or faster to prepare. No peeling, no cleaning – just boiled water, salt and oil, or even just the rice cooker.

Here is something that will give you inspiration.