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Sala Restaurant, You Did It Again. Another great Primed lunch.

Sala Restaurant has been a favorite of mine for many years (as well as People’s Palace) as Chef Colin Mackay really knows how to run a great restaurant. The success of The Blackbird Restaurant a few minutes walk away is testament to that.

Despite all the new and shiny restaurants opening it is always great to go to a local favorite like Sala where you know the ambience is relaxing, the service professional and the food top notch.

Relaxing Ambience

Sala is small, quaint and relaxing. The tables are not crowded together, the acoustics are good and there is a nice view onto the courtyard where you forget that Makati Avenue is but a few meters away.

Sala Restaurant4

A Great Start

There can be no better start to a meal than a refreshing glass of good New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. We tried The Ned 2013, Marlborough, New Zealand P580 glass/ P1440 bottle and thoroughly enjoyed the crisp and vibrant flavors. It was a typical NZ Sauv Blanc that was to serve as a magnificent contrast to our next oak aged Spy Valley “Envoy” Sauvignon Blanc 2011.

Eat more weigh less Primed2

My starter was a Moorish soup of chorizo, chestnuts and saffron P480 that was a delight of hearty tomato, spicy chorizo and a textured chestnut finish that lasted long on my palate.

The Spy Valley “Envoy” Sauvignon Blanc 2011 P1060 (special price from Lester of Zen Asia) was a perfect accompaniment to my soup as it was full bodied and in the earthy French style of a Bordeaux white. The color, bouquet and taste left you wanting to buy 6 to take home and enjoy with your home-made Primed dishes such as Squash Carbonara or Lamb Shoulder with daikon and squash “rice”.

Other Appealing Starters

Timbale of tiger prawn and crab remoulade with lemon and chive vinaigrette P480

Seared fresh Breton scallops, cauliflower puree, golden raisin and caper relish, bacon and rocket salad P720

Wonderfully Rich and Full-flavored Main

Eat more weigh less Primed3

My main was a Slow braised veal cheek, Brussels sprout and bacon Colacannon, horseradish gremolata P1100. My dish was melt-in-your-mouth delicious with other appealing main courses being:

Juniper and thyme roast duck breast, roast pears and parsnips, carrot puree and cranberry jus P1480

Dry rubbed and grilled lamb cutlet and tenderloin, pumpkin pansotti, spinach and goat’s cheese P1480

Grilled Mulwarra beef tenderloin, guanciale roasted mushroom, horseradish potato galette and confited garlic jus P1880


In keeping with my Primed Lifestyle my dessert was nothing sweet but a double espresso with no sugar or milk.

Great Wines from Zen Asia

Being an Aussie citizen who was born in New Zealand I am slightly biased towards their wines. Lester Harvey from Zen Asia has some wonderful wines from these countries,(as well as South Africa). For a look at their wine stock please email Lester at

Eat more weigh less Primed4

Our red wine with the main course was an excellent South Australian red from Langhorne Creek called Heartland. The grapes were a combination of 51% Dolcetto and 49% Lagrein (typically northern Italian varietels but grown in South Australia). Their website accurately describes the wine as having a “smoothly textured palate of dark fruit, a bouquet garni of herbs and spices and a long savoury finish.”

The Final Words

I highly recommend Sala Restaurant for a Primed business lunch, a special occasion celebration or simply a group of friends like ours. Cheers Lester, Maureen, Dondi and Greg.

RESERVATIONS +632 750 1555 / +632 893 0242
6752 Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati City, Philippines

Beautiful Soup: Fish and Seafood Dish ! “Primed Bouillabaisse “

La Bouillabaisse” is a traditional French dish from the city of Marseille. It is a star recipe that people travel to from all over the world to enjoy.

This special dish is traditionally from the fishermen of the port of Marseille who used to make a boiled broth made of little rock fish that restaurants and other people didn’t want to buy because they were small and not well known.

So, the fishermen decided to cook these little rock fish adding some vegetables including garlic and fennel, the main ingredient of the recipe (good thing we can find fennel here in the Philippines!).

La bouillabaisse is a family dish. Warm and hearty; it’s a primed dish.

First, we will make the soup/broth. The broth is made by cooking the fish and vegetables – very tasty and very rich in flavors.

We don’t have the traditional French rock fish from the Mediterranean Sea (rascasse, loup Murène and girelle) for bouillabaisse here in Manila, but we have other fish which are very tasty as well (lapu lapu, red mullet, tursilyo, maya maya etc.).

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