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Teach Your Children To Cook and Unleash Their Inner Super Hero

“Becoming a good cook will do more for your health, body composition, and longevity than any exercise routine, miracle drug, or “diet” in existence.

When you develop the ability to create fresh, mouth-watering, healthy meals for you and your family on command, you have a SUPER POWER.


In fact, a recent Cambridge study found that people who cook up to 5 times a week are 47% more likely to be alive after 10 years than their non-cooking peers.” From Abel James. Check out Abel’s cool website here.

From Our Primed Friends in Switzerland

Very proud of my girls, they have an app on their iPhone “yummly”, registered themselves as being Primed, found a delicious recipe, and we just had it for dinner, they cooked with my help!”


Avocado, tomato, red onion, dressing of lime, olive oil, cilantro, salt/pepper and prawns on the left. On the right is an easy egg and veg bake and banana dolphins.

111Primed Ellen3

Henning, Ellen, Josephine and Charlotte are a happy, fit and healthy Primed family. They know that when you eat real food with real flavor you feel great.

One of our favorite books is Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis.

Wheat Belly Cook book

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Amazing Colors of Luntiang Republika Eco Farms – A Sustainable Way of Farming

When you go Primed for your Life you get to eat some amazing food that you might not have tried before. You move away from the lower nutrient style of non-foods to more nutrient dense foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and quality fatty acids.

These are exactly the wonderful foods full of vibrant colors that we now enjoy from Luntiang Republika Eco Farms (organically and sustainable grown).

Available Fresh Produce for the Week Varies Seasonally but Here is a Sample of Some of Their Wonderful Produce:

Dragon Fruit


Saba Bananas (our favorite) and Avocados


I Adore Their Tuyo in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Laing (Taro Leaves Cooked in Coconut Milk)


So delicious with Avocado.


Okra is So Good

Luntiang Okra

Delicious and Nutritious Eggplant (Talong)


With great ingredients you can make great dishes to optimally fuel your mind and body.

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Primed Ukrainian Holubtsi – Cabbage Roll

We were so blessed to have had Baba Nadia help us with some wonderfully Primed Ukrainian dishes. I hope you enjoy this great cabbage roll dish called Holubtsi.



1 whole cabbage
2 bay leaves
500 grams of mince beef or pork
1 onion chopped finely
1 carrot (grated)
cup of cauliflower rice
salt and pepper
coconut oil for frying
home-made tomato sauce (see below for method)


1. Cook your Tomato Sauce. The recipe is easy but takes around 40 minutes so prepare this first. Simply chop onions and garlic and fry in coconut oil. Then add your chopped tomatoes and cook for 40 minutes or so.

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Primed Sardine, Anchovy, Kimchi and Sea Vegetable Muffin Duo

I love eggs, anchovies, sardines, kimchi, sea vegetables and green vegetables so I simply decided to combine all these ingredients for an easy to make dish suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner and also makes for a healthy, satisfying snack.

Ingredients for both sets of Muffins:

Vegetable Muffin

Vegetable Muffin4

20 eggs
jar of good Korean kimchi
roasted onions
roasted garlic
sardines in olive oil
anchovies in olive oil
Korean kelp (type of seaweed – can use nori sheets)
mixed green vegetables
salt and pepper
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That Paleo Show Podcast featured Primed for your Life

Dreams do come true. Ever since creating the Primed for your Life Lifestyle in late 2013/early 2014 I dreamed about being on That Paleo Show podcast. The reason is because That Paleo Show was instrumental in getting me from being a “fatish”, unhealthy triathlete/person into a healthier one.

I will be forever grateful for the passionate, real food advocates who enlightened me on how to optimally nourish my mind and body. It then inspired me to follow in their footsteps and share my knowledge so as to help even more people.

Please listen to Primed for your Life being featured on That Paleo Show #121 with Chad Davis and Reujen Lista talking about the Primed Lifestyle.


Reujen and I loved doing the podcast with Dr. Brett Hill, Steve Hayter and Sarah Stewart. We had a blast and hope you have a laugh and also learn a bit as well.

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What have been your good deeds whilst running?

Ok, here is a slightly off-beat post on the benefits of running.

Yesterday I was having a nice chilly run in Geneve, Switzerland, when it started raining slightly. I love it when it rains as the run becomes more fun. However, the roads become wet and I noticed a motor cyclist fall off her bike on a slippery portion of the road whilst turning.

As soon as I saw her fall I sprung to action, helped her up, put her bike on its stand and got her a chair. I then helped calm her down and ensured she would be alright. Luckily she was ok with just dented pride and torn pants.


I am glad I am very observant whilst I run and got to help the fallen Swiss cyclist.

This got me thinking of the other times I have done good deeds whilst out running. I’ll share mine here in the hope you can also comment and share yours. After all, we runners are nice and caring people. Right?

Saving a 2 Year Old Filipina Girl:
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Chad’s Melbourne Ironman: Swam, Biked & Ran on Fat

I just completed my 2nd Melbourne Ironman in a ketogenic state by consuming Primed low carbohydrate, high fat, moderate protein (LCHF) foods. This means I was burning my fat as fuel as opposed to glucose/sugar.

MIM 2015 fat vs sugar

By being able to use my fat stores I was able to access 40,000 plus calories for energy. A glucose burner is limited to around 2,000 or so before they must replenish. The sugar burner then uses energy for digesting the food and as some of my Filipino buddies realized this can also lead to very unpleasant stomach issues. There were a lot of people in the medics tent after the Ironman suffering from Gastro Intestinal Distress.

MIM medics

It is a myth that the body and brains preferred fuel source is glucose and can only run on glucose.

MIM 2015 gels
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Chad’s Melbourne Ironman Tips

With our triathlon friends off to do Taiwan Ironman this coming April 12th I want to give some tips that will hopefully make their Ironman event more successful. Thanks so much to Miguel Feuermann and Sid Maderazo for their great inputs already.

1. Wear your bib at the front during your run for photos and so the crowd can shout out your name

The Melbourne supporters and volunteers were AMAZING. They are very knowledgeable with respect to all sporting events (they say Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia) and love to give encouragement.

The supporters look at your name on your bib and then say things like “You are doing great Chad, keep it up.” Or, “Great pace Chad, you’re going to be an Ironman.” It is really uplifting and spurs you on. You don’t want to stop and walk after they pump you up, so you keep running!

MIM2015 red carpet

The support of the crowd along the finisher’s red carpet was incredible. Sid Mazerazo said it gave him goosebumps and I also experienced that. It was worth all the pain for that amazing feeling.

So, make sure the supporters can read your name and that you can have your number seen for your photographs.

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Ironman Sid Shares His Ironman Melbourne Journey

Sidney Maderazo knows that sharing is caring. Here is a great man sharing with the triathlon community.

Sid is cool

Hi Chad, here’s my race report:

Two months before the race I was seriously thinking of pulling out of the race – I just came from a long Christmas vacation from the US and I gained a few pounds. My fitness level dropped, and I thought it was impossible to get back in shape for Melbourne.

I’m so glad I didn’t quit, my decision to pursue and continue training paid off.

One thing I learned about my first Ironman, no matter how hard you train, nothing, but nothing, can prepare you for this distance.

1) The rolling swim start was very very helpful- I wasn’t stressed or nervous, 6 guys on the water every 6 seconds. It was a cold morning but didn’t really matter – after a few minutes in , adrenalin took over. Swim felt like forever, and as a right side breather, the sun was directly on my side on one of the longest stretch of the T section, and with tint-less goggles it was a hassle. (I’ll definitely practice bi-lateral breathing).

Sid swim pals

Trouble happened early in the swim, my right calf cramped at km 2, and I panicked and kicked with my left leg and prayed that I’d be ok once I get out of the swim. So I nursed my right leg during the swim. As I came out of the water, I was ecstatic for hitting my target at 1:15mins, 2:00 min pace- (my swim obviously is my weakest leg) and when I removed my wetsuit, I unclipped my Garmin 920xt and I dropped it in the water, and I desperately tried to look for it but it was too chaotic at the shoreline – my watch was claimed by the sea and I realized I’d be running blind later on.


2) I rushed as fast as I could towards the gear and changing tent. It was pure chaos in the tent, but I made sure I had all the stuff I needed. Heart rate monitor, headband, tri top (since I swam only with a Tri bib) , helmet and applied a generous amount of Vaseline on areas where the sun don’t shine. Ran to my bike and wore my shoes, luckily my bike was very near the exit so it was a short run on my cleats.


The bike course was simply amazing. 2×2 45 km loops, going out was not as flat, it was basically a very long gradual climb, but I faithfully kept my power at the right wattage per section. Going back was extremely fast and I hit my target watts and speed early on the course. Weather was sunny but comfortable, I didn’t wear any arm warmers or a jacket. Nutrition was spot on, I had 3 bottles of nutrition on the bike, and reloaded 3 more at km95 at the special needs area. That was a great bike course, but extremely windy, but it wasn’t as gusty.


3) Now the most painful part- the run. I clipped my Garmin Edge 810 on my watch strap, as I didn’t want to run blind on the course. The run is supposed to be my strongest leg, and I thought I could do a sub 4 hour marathon. I desperately wanted to finish before 7pm and break 11 hours, but I knew I was in trouble early on, not even halfway the wheels came off, I felt gassy, and my stomach felt weird. I threw up 3 times along the course, and used the bathroom once as my stomach was churning inside out. (not sure if it was the on course nutrition at the aid stations)

I walked parts of the course, and my legs were shot. The run course was beautiful, it was very scenic and the people were very friendly – they’d shout your name and shout- “well done mate, you’re on your way to become an ironman! ” it felt great hearing that, and the run course no matter how beautiful was just a blur. It was a very painful run. Ironman veterans would say – the real ironman begins at the last 10-15 kms of the run- I couldn’t agree more. With less than 5 kms to go I could see the st Kilda board walk, something so familiar and I just pushed on. I have to say running the last km on that red carpet really gave me goosebumps. The biggest lesson I learned is that anything is possible, I’m glad I did it and all the pain and hardships were all worth it.


Sid Maderazo

Name Country Div – Gender – Overall – Swim – Bike – Run – Finish

Maderazo, Sidney PHL 124 – 557 – 628 – 01:15:56 – 05:31:24 – 04:19:12 – 11:16:00

Originally from:

Sid and his buddies from Gotta tri all performed strongly. More importantly however, they represented themselves and the Philippines with class and distinction. Well done guys.


So proud of these guys, the blood (literally since I crashed on a training ride), sweat and tears we put in for this race, and what we’ve accomplished together. One thing I’ve realized these past months is that triathlon is indeed a team sport

Some Great Triathlon Pointers from 2 Time Ironman Miguel

The 2015 Melbourne Ironman was an unforgettable experience for the participants and their cheering families and friends.

As your fellow triathlete brothers and sisters shared their Ironman Lessons from the Filipino Contingent to Malaysia Ironman 2014 the 2015 Melbourne Ironman finishers wanted to also help those doing Ironman events in Taiwan, Japan, America among other countries this year.

We will start with the inspiring story of Miguel Feuermann today, the funny and cool experience of Sidney Maderazo tomorrow and the other Ironman finisher’s who know that to “Share your knowledge…is a way to achieve immortality.” – Dalai Lama.

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