Create Your Own Motto/Mantra

24. Create Your Own Motto/Mantra

Jong Sajulga, the top place finisher at Malaysia Ironman in Langkawi for 2015 has his motto in life of “C’est la vie”.

What’s Your Motto/Mantra?  If you don’t have one then create one in preparation for 2015.

I like some of the following quotes:


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Be Positive

25. Be Positive

You need to love yourself to love others.

Bring positivity into your life and say the following sentences to yourself daily: “I am happy.” “I am prosperous.” “I am healthy.”

Surround yourself with good fiends who are also positive and who have similarly healthy habits. Being positive is also a key ingredient to longevity.

Over-fed and under-nourished86

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A Primed Muffin a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Leading a Primed Lifestyle is about eating great food. Great food can only be made from quality and nutrient dense ingredients such as eggs, seaweed, chicken, bananas, coconut oil, almonds and malunggay pesto. These are the ingredients of our Primed Muffins that are a great breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert or bedtime snack.



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Drink More Water (and Lemon or Calamansi Water)

26. Drink More Water

Water, without it your body and mind cannot function properly. Ensure you start your day right with 2 glasses of water the first thing after you wipe the sleep out of your eyes and then remain hydrated throughout the day. Even try lemon or calamansi water in the morning.

Drinking Over The Holiday Season

With the Christmas cheer flowing try and drink at least one full glass of water between alcoholic drinks so you consume less and keep your mind clear.

Hydrate Your Body for your Brain

If you are eating fresh produce that contain high levels of vitamins and minerals required for a healthy mind then you must drink enough water as this is essential so as to absorb the beneficial nutrients in your food.

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Allow Yourself a “Cheat Day” (Not Week!)

27. Allow Yourself a Cheat Day (But Not a Whole Week!)

It is very difficult to always maintain your Primed Lifestyle in the face of all the food and drink temptations over the holiday period. Of course it can be made easier with more planning and knowing exactly why you are trying to feed your mind and body optimally.

There are tactics you can employ to over-come these temptations such as:

(1) Eat a very big and nutritious Primed breakfast such as an Omelette (add malunggay to make it super healthy) or Banana Pancakes;

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Take Time for Yourself

28. Take Time for Yourself

Christmas is a time for family and friends, but you must also take time for yourself.  Maybe it is a simple walk around your neighborhood, going to bed early, getting a facial or massage, trying meditation, listening to your favorite music or reading a book.  It is important to prioritize your own mental health by relaxing and taking time out from your hectic schedule.

Benefits of Meditation
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Sleep Well for Health

It’s that time of year again when the traffic gets crazier and there are many demands on your time. One aspect of your life must not take a back seat and that is the quality of your sleep. Try and always get a good nights sleep as it is the foundation block of good health. With inadequate sleep your health suffers.

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health and well-being of your mind and body. Sleep is important for the growth and rejuvenation of the immune, nervous, skeletal, muscular systems, and all other body systems.

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Enjoy More Time for Life!

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