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Santi’s Delicious Primed Selections

We have been buying excellent produce from Santi’s Deli for almost the entire 15 years we have been in the Philippines. We also dine there quite often and now it is a favorite place for me to meet my new Primed clients. The service is always friendly, the prices fair and reasonable with a lot of variety of products to suit a wide audience.

Santi's lunch3

Lauren and Christian love the Santi’s sausages and Natasha and I love their Lamb.

Santi's lunch

Besides ordering from their menu you can also order any item from the Deli to have prepared by the chefs for you. Freshness is guaranteed.

Santi's lunch1

We love creating our own Primed Anti Pasto Platter from their wide variety of goodies. Semi-dried tomatoes, olives and cheese are in abundance to choose from.

Santi's lunch2

Mike Yau became a Primed convert at Santi’s over lunch with Reujen and I. He and Pauline are still doing great.

Santis Deli1
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Wooden Spoon is a Must Visit at Kapitolyo & Rockwell

I am glad that I have been well served in Wooden Spoon and also positively impacted one of their staff and the staff members family.

Wooden Spoon Arnold

“I first met Arnold from Wooden Spoon in Rockwell late last year while he was buying asthma meds for his daughter Hannah.

I explained the Primed way of reversing it and Hannah is now asthma free. After spending tens of thousands on meds they no longer need to. Hannah can now thrive as all children deserve to. That’s Primed.”

#livelongerlivebetter�� #primednutritionfeedsyourbrain #primedreversesasthma 

Having just moved into the Pasig area late in 2015 we went searching for a nice restaurant in the area. It was past 2:30pm and most had closed their doors already. Luckily I phoned a friend in the area and he recommended Wooden Spoon in Kapitolyo. Great suggestion Primed Mike Yau. Thanks.

Wooden Spoon2

Wooden Spoon has a branch at Rockwell (besides Kapitolyo) and to my regret we never tried it as a family despite having lived there for 2 years.

Wooden Spoon1

We did not like our food at Wooden Spoon. We all LOVED it. Excellent Filipino cuisine easily made Primed or Primed already.

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Support Earth Kitchen and Support Local Farmers and Indigenous Communities

Earth Kitchen has opened a second branch in the Fort by popular demand. Their other branch in White Plains, QC is very popular and well loved by many.

Earth Kitchen locations

They have always been known for excellent, healthy, sustainable food that supports local farmers and indigenous communities. This collage was taken from their facebook page linked here: Earth Kitchen.

Earth Kitchen

We went to Earth Kitchen BGC as a belated birthday lunch for Christian who just turned 13.

Earth Kitchen featued image

We loved all our food and found it to be excellent value-for-money. We were guests of Pinky but Earth Kitchen is very affordable with our two salads of Grilled Vegetable Salad (Php 300) and Pomelo Salad (php 360) being large and extremely tasty.

Earth Kitchen food4

Their Soups looked to be really nice with the options being Curried Squash Soup (pumpkin, yoghurt, mint – Php 190), Smoked Tomato Soup (organic smoked tomatoes, cream, gremolata – Php 235) and Fresh Mushroom Soup (organic shitake, button, milky and abalone mushrooms – Php 200).

Earth Kitchen food14
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Quality Food & Service Every Time at Hossein’s

We have been big fans of Hossein’s almost since we arrived in the Philippines 15 years ago. We have tried his branches in Makati, Greenbelt and Serendra and have never been disappointed with excellent food and service every time. No wonder Hossein now also has restaurants in Trinoma and Alabang.

The food is a fabulous combination of Persian, Arabian, Indian and Mediterranean.


The occasion for our visit was for Christian’s 13th birthday and we all counted it as one of the best meals we have had in a very long time. The quality of ingredients and cooking was outstanding.


Thank you for the Duo of Dips Hossein. I have known Hossein for the whole 14 years we have been going to his restaurants and was even lucky enough to teach his daughter at Enderun Colleges.


Borani Eggplant and Hummus

Traditional Levantine Arabic mezze of pureed garbanzos blended with Tahini paste, olive oil and Middle Eastern herbs and spices with pita bread. Served Solo / Share

We loved these flavorful dips and simply ate them without the Pita Bread. Easy.

The Greek Salad was so fresh, so delicious and truly memorable.


Greek Salad – The classic summer Greek salad of feta cheese, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes dressed with a Greek spiced infused lemon vinaigrette. Served Solo / Share / Family
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My Top 10 Primed Venues to Dine for Father’s Day

Here are my 10 Top Restaurants for you to Celebrate this Father’s Day weekend with your loved ones.

All have excellent ambiance, service and great Primed dishes to nourish your Dad’s body, mind and spirit.

1. The Wholesome Table at BGC. A must try is their Grass-fed beef. A top restaurant with review here.

The Wholesome Table grass fed

The Wholesome Table also has a new branch in Salcedo Village. It has the great food you have come to expect but also a rocking atmosphere. We love it.

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Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar Is a Local Favorite

Everyone I know that has tried Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar loved it.  I have tried all 4 branches and I am a fan too.

My family and I are fans because the food is fresh and it is easy to get delicious Primed Salads. The ambiance is casual and cool.  I am friends with owners Ines and Elian Habayeb so I know the quality is excellent as they are both perfectionists.

Chihuahua Mexican Grill6

Ines with Marc and myself. Ines is also a very healthy, real food person who is expecting a beautiful baby later this year.

The most fun I ever had at Chihuahua Mexican Grill was collecting my 2XU Special Award for Best Run Split of 3:28:27 as part of the Melbourne Ironman in 2014.

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Great Beef at Myron’s Place in Greenbelt 5

I had a most enjoyable Primed lunch at Myron’s Place in Greenbelt 5with 4 other expats on Thursday the 30th April. I did not know that Myron’s is well known for their steaks so I am glad that is what I ordered.

Myrons friends

So, what do 2 Aussies, a Kiwi, a Frenchman and a Dane talk about over lunch?  We all wanted local hero Manny Pacquiao to win against Floyd and we all agreed that the food and ambiance of Myron’s Place is very nice.

Myron’s Place is conveniently located at ground level of Greenbelt 5. The interior design is modern, relaxing and enhanced with the beautiful view of surrounding lush gardens.

Myrons beef duo

My Duet of Bacon-Wrapped Petite US Certified Angus Beef Medallions & Grilled Shrimps was excellent. The waiters gladly substituted the mashed potatoes for extra vegetables which were fabulous. I loved the whole oven-roasted garlic knob. Being Primed I skipped the bread of course.

Mtrons veg dish
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Milagros Home Cooking is a Great Primed Option for Easter Sunday and Celebrations in Tagaytay

The Easter holiday season is fast approaching and that means it’s a great time to get away to the fresh air of Tagaytay.  Milagros Home Cooking is one of our favorite places to eat great food and relax with friends. This also makes it an ideal venue for when celebrating special occasions.

It is best to beat the traffic hassle and stay the night at Nurture Wellness Village before or after your Milagros dining adventure.

Milagros Home Cooking Easter

Milagros Home Cooking has this special set menu for Easter Sunday brunch. Milagros sources their ingredients locally and also from their garden because they know quality, local ingredients make the difference in creating great dishes for their guests.

Milagros Home Cooking will gladly substitute any non-Primed items within a dish and make them Primed for you. Simply ask when you make your reservation.  Being Primed means eating optimally for your mind and body so as to maximize nutrition and minimize inflammation.  Sugar, grains and vegetable oils are definitely not part of the Primed for your Life lifestyle.

Milagros Kinilaw

I love their Kilawin na Tanigue with coriander flowers.

Milagros Green Mango

Their refreshing Ensladang Mangga is sure to give that extra freshness to your meal (photos courtesy of Thomas Mercado). Their seafood is always fresh and cooked to perfection.

Milagros Filipino Home Coking

Milagros rocks

Milagros ambience

Milagros outdoors

For reservations please check out

Milagros directions

The Wholesome Table is Simply Awesome: 10/10

Welcome to The Wholesome Table, possibly the busiest restaurant in the Fort Bonifacio area. I have been fortunate enough to dine there 5 times in the last 3 weeks and each and every time has seen the place packed. Amazingly, even at 1:30 pm on a Thursday the owner Bianca Elizalde and I only just got a table!

Bianca Elizalde

Being busy is one thing, serving great food is another. I have yet to be any thing but delighted with my high quality food from The Wholesome Table and it is going to get even better with Bianca and Chef Jay letting me know that there will be more Primed items on their soon to be new menu. That’s cool.

The Wholesome Table lapu lapu1

Here is a review across my 5 dining experiences where my Sante Barley teammates Joey Marcelo and Jonah Rivera loved it. My new Primed clients in Marc Daubenbuechel and Andy Pope loved it. My triathlete pals in Berns Tan, Candy Dizon, Dennis Go, Dennis Gan, Hazel Benipay and Majul Maccay also loved it.

That’s 10 out of 10. So, why 10/10? Great food, drinks, ambiance and service.

Awesome Cuisine at The WholesomeTable

The Wholesome Table Berns lunch2
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My Top 5 Primed Dining Venues for Valentine’s Day

Here are my 5 Top Restaurants for you to Celebrate Valentine’s weekend with your Love.

All have excellent ambiance, service and Primed great dishes to nourish your heart for the season of love.

1. Brasserie CiCou in Greenhills. I recommend Chef Cyrille’s exquisite Sardines. See review here.

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