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Jay Reversed Type 2 Diabetes – Easily

Primed Jay Rocks


I received a text (0929-421-2148) from Jay DS at 1pm yesterday. By 2:30pm Jay was Primed. By 4pm Jay’s life had already improved and will keep improving. Jay rocks and will make the rest of his life the best of his life. His Mum too.

Hopefully more PAL staff soon.  🙂

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Now Jay has REVERSED Type 2 Diabetes

Primed Jay from PAL is rocking his Primed Lifestyle:

* REVERSED Type 2 Diabetes in 2 months;
– Lost more than 22 pounds;
* Is wearing his shirts from 5 years ago;
– Has a lot more ENERGY;
* Noticed his sleep has improved a lot;
– Has improved skin and loves it;
* Has improved happiness & peace of mind;
– Has no more hunger;
* Loves his Primed nutrition;
– Has been loving hiking in Vancouver;
* Has noticed he looks and feels better;
– Has an improved mental cognition;
* Has noticed he reads more & understands the information better;
– Has received a lot of great compliments from his colleagues;
* Noticed his body works better;
– Has a lot more gratitude and positivity; and
* Had additional knowledge on what to do to go to the next Primed level.

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Jay DS rocks

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Are You on the Road to Type-2 Diabetes or Good Health?

A lot of people have type-2 diabetes or have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. An inordinate number of people in the US, Australia, India, China, the Philippines and many other countries have this terrible condition and that number will increase drastically over the next decade. The condition is not passed on through genetics but is because of the way people eat and sleep.

Most current, conventional treatment involves Low Fat, High Carb recommendations PLUS drugs and more exercise.  Just one question.  How’s that working out for us?

Diabetes Mum

Here is how the current treatment is working in Australia:Within 5 years diabetes will be the biggest cause of death and illness in Australia.

Diabetic Australia

Australia is doing about as well as the US and the Philippines.

Not all. This is from my Mum: “Hey I’m no longer diabetic boys, it can be done, just lost 10 kg’s, cut down on the amount of food you eat, fasting one day a week, it works. Hey Sean call, miss you. Mother.”

Diabetes Cure Dr. Jason Fung

There is a a way to reverse type 2 diabetes. Maybe your doctor does not know it but Primed clients do.

Here’s What’s Happening To Our Beloved Children

Overfed and Undernourished43

Did you know This?

Sugar diet

Or This?

Dr. Ted Naiman - Eat Fat not sugar2
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