Danny is Rocking his Primed Life. You can too.

From my Primed mate Danny:

“”I wanted to say a BIG BIG THANK YOU for all your help.”

Danny Apiras

“Reading your blog and FB updates made me conscious of my nutrition (I call it nutrition now rather than food 😊).

I feel much better now, more focus and less lethargic.

Giving up rice, bread, soda and junk food made a major reversal in my health. Although I occasionally still eat a bit of rice and bread, replacing them mostly with eggs, vegetables, fruits, apple cider vinegar, kombucha, coconut water and Primed Organic VCO gave me more energy and improved my immune system.”

Danny half-Ironman 1

“A stronger body made it possible for me to train smarter and this led to my dream of finishing a 70.3 Half-Ironman. You are indeed a blessing and I hope you keep inspiring others with your work.”  💪😊

Danny half-Ironman

Danny rocks because he supports Primed for your Life and Davao farmers by buying the best VCO on the market. That is Primed Centrifuged Organic VCO. Thanks Danny.

Danny VCO

From my mate Danny Aparis – “Doing well Chad! Primed for your life Organic VCO is GREAT! Love it! Down to my last bottle. Save me a box. Will get it next week.” Thanks Danny.

Reply from Chad – “Primed Centrifuged Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic, the MCTs inside are instant cell energy thus giving you a great energy boost, is great for your thyroid and your metabolism, it is also amazing topically (perfect on your skin), great orally (oil pulling) and the ideal oil for high heat cooking. The Wholesome Table uses Coconut Oil. 🙂

Please never touch veg/seed oils. Things like canola oil (actually called rapeseed) constricts your arteries immediately upon injesting. Yikes. It is inflammatory and should be avoided at all costs. Restaurants that use veg oil only do so out of ignorance or cheapness to reduce expenses at the expense of your health.”

Eat real food with real flavor like this:


“Now, this is what I call breakfast. As soon as you add rice, bread and any other grains/sugars you are reducing the nutrient density that your mind and body need as fuel. Why do that? All you do is spike your blood sugar levels, cause inflammation and feel less full and satisfied the moment you add grains and sugars.

Also, you have to then eat more because your body will demand more nutrients so your immune system can fight disease. If the nutrients are not there then you cannot fight disease as effectively. Eat real food and fight disease. Way to go Danny Aparis.”

They say you are what you eat:

Danny does not eat fake food. He is one genuine, cool, guy.

Do you eat fake food?

Optimal Primed Protocols fake food

If you eat fake food then these companies are surely LAUGHING at you. They are unHealthy Options.

Optimal Primed Protocols diabetic food

Sugarade producers, fast food dudes, doughnut sellers etc. love you to be addicted to their disease agents.

The hospitals and ignorant docs also love it so they can prescribe drugs to you forever and get rich on your misery. That’s a fact.

Why else would the 2nd “best” hospital in the Philippines serve this as a real food “healthy” snack? Double yikes. It is shameful.


How do you overcome these wolves in sheep’s clothing?


Just eat real food and get real light = the sun. 

Proud of you DannyAparis.

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