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How to Survive Your First Trail Run! – Trail Running Safety Tips

I recently lost my trail running virginity and thoroughly loved both the thrill and beauty of the trail. It is exhilarating but also dangerous. This is why I wanted to write some safety tips for rookies like me for when they too join a trail run. My next trail run will be on January 11th 2015 for the Final Leg of the NTDR III TRILOGY organized by Pimco Sporting Events. Join me!

Preparation is the Key – Pick the Right Race and Distance

It all starts with picking the right race and run category for you. My last race was a 21km trail where we were pre-warned by the organizers that “THIS IS TRAIL RUNNING! THIS IS EXTREME SPORT!” Indeed, it was so tough that only 23 out of 150 starters made it within the 7 hour cut-off time! Perhaps I should have started with the 10km category or even try a 21km with a trail that is not so demanding.

Alvin trail running1
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Confessions of a trail Running Virgin – Chef Cyrille

A great race is like a great meal: you never forget it, you relive it in your mind even years later, and it leaves you looking forward to the next one.

I am delighted to share my unforgettable experience as I lost my trail running virginity along the beautiful Sierra Madre mountains.  Just like a great meal it left fabulous memories and an excitement for the next one.

Chad had already told me about the Top 10 Reasons to Try Trail Running  but I wanted to experience it for myself.

My First Ever Trail Run!

2:00 am on Sunday 12th October is the time that I met Chad before we drove to Tanay, Rizal for my first 21k trail run. Yes 2:00am, that is insane, especially when you finish late the night before with a busy service at Impressions Restaurant of Resorts World Manila.

Pimco Trail Running - Chad and CiCou

Six month earlier Chad finished 2nd in his Love A Tree International Trail Running 34km race and was talking about it like crazy.  Saying it’s very good and a fantastic experience for him. I remember he could barely walk the next 2 days after the race.  Despite that, he convinced me to sign up for the next Pimco Sporting Event 21km trail run.

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