Cocktails – Orgasm or Primed “O” Gel?

I used to love a good Orgasm cocktail. I still do as a matter of fact. As a bartender at University since I was a teenager I made many Orgasm cocktails. There are many different recipes but the traditional one has layers of Kahlua, Baileys and then Cointreau.

Orgasm Primed

I don’t drink the spirits based Orgasm cocktail any more as it doesn’t fit with my Primed Lifestyle but I layer my “Primed O Cocktail” with Honey, Prune juice and Coconut oil (with a lick of salt).

This magic potion of Primed Home-made Gel will help me when I feel tired on my long runs and bike rides in preparation for Langkawi Ironman in Malaysia on September 27th.

Which cocktail do you prefer? Let us know. Cheers.


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