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Primed Judith reversed Hypertension. So many have by going Primed. You can too.

From my friend Primed Judith:

“Sending you a Before & After photos. This is a 9-month period (November 2015 and July 2016)  but I have been the latter for the last 2 months. From 76kg to 59kg is no joke 🙂

Thank you for helping me with my transformation. The weight loss is amazing (as I am still losing bits of lbs with my dancing ) but eliminating my hypertensive meds was really the best!”

Soleus hip hop dancing


What an amazing difference Judith made to her life in just 12 months. The weight loss is irrelevant compared to having more energy, mental clarity, confidence, happiness and to be now fighting disease. Go Primed and make the rest of your life the best of your life.



“Thank you, Chad. I can’t thank you enough for spotting me at the 1st Aspin Race last Oct 10 at Camp Aguinaldo. I am constantly being asked and always eager to share the Primed for your Life nutrition. Those who believe are now enjoying the health benefits as well and they feel great too.”

“Loving & enjoying the health benefits of a PRIMED LIFESTYLE!

* Reduced Blood Sugar
* Lower Blood Pressure
* Body inflammation – GONE!
* Normalized my sleeping schedule
* Deep Sleep
* More Energized
* Improved mood / behavior
* No feeling of food deprivation
* No hunger anxiety attacks
* Inch loss & weight loss even without the exercise YET – my favorite part smile emoticon

Thank you, Chad Davis! I could not ask for a better Wellness Coach.”

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Primed Rose Ann’s Inspirational Story to be Healthier and Happier

“Hi Chad,

Here’s my primed testimony 🙂 I’m not perfectly doing Primed (I cheat sometimes hahaha) but I hope you’ll find it well. Thank you!

December 2015 was a great time to be delighted on the festive foods that are being prepared on the table. I am a sweet tooth person and I really love desserts (cakes, fruit salad, cheesecakes, doughnuts, rice cakes… you name it, I love it). I am also a fan of coffee which I enjoy a lot during a conversation with a friend (cappuccino, mocha, caramel macchiato, frapuccino, and all that attracts my taste buds to be tickled.) Pasta gets me so crazy…be it red, white or green sauce rocks me so soundly.

One morning around end of December 2015, I woke up that it was really hard to grip my hands. As I tried to close it, I felt the pain and I’m powerless. I was feeling bloated (which made me hard to breathe and feeling heavy) and inflamed which I cannot put my feet on my crisscross sandals.

Period Pain

I also used to get a lot of pains before and during my menstruation period which makes me so emotional and craving for something to eat (as in whatever pops on my mind). Good thing my boss (Judith Staples) had reminded me to start being Primed.

I started doing my Primed meals since January 4, 2016, I get rid of the rice, bread, pasta, noodles and even chocolate drinks and coffee (with cream & sugar) on my meals, to name a few.

Rose Ann breakfast

“Primed breakfast for today! Scrambled egg with cheese and Fried banana in butter with cream cheese and Black coffee!  #EatRight #PrimeForYourLife

Rose Ann Salad

“My Primed salad version of Lettuce, sliced apple, tomato with olive oil and balsamic vinegar with grated cheese.”

Rose Ann Breakfast1

“What’s for dinner? Hooray for scrambled egg and cheese with tomato toppings partnered with fried sweet potato all cooked in Primed Organic coconut oil.”

It was not easy as I kept on thinking that I will get hungry (which I’m quite afraid to be: P). Nevertheless, I pursued my thoughts and body to adopt on the fronting lifestyle.

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