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Br. Normandy of De La Salle is Loving His Primed Lifestyle

From Brother Normandy – “I’m really grateful to have heard of the Primed lifestyle 5 months ago. It really opened up possibilities for me.”

“Well, I’ve lost count how many people have commented on how good I look and the great changes they see in me.”

“I am looking forward to your Primed seminar at De La Salle this Saturday. Thanks.”


Photo taken early 2015
• close to 300 pounds
• Faithfully taking meds and dieting
nothing worked
• Blood sugar (180++) and Blood
Pressure (140/100++) off the charts
• Felt like I had to accept that I will
forever be unfit

Normandy 6

Photo taken Nov. 8, 2015
• Effortlessly lost about 30 pounds since
• Blood sugar (<125) and BP (~130/90)
approaching normal levels
• Not feeling deprived of any food at all
• Happier 😀

Also from Br. Normandy:

Hey Chad! You always have impeccable timing. My blood sugar clocked in at 99 this morning. The lowest I’ve had in years! the other day though, I made the mistake of eating rice, somehow it just felt all wrong in my mouth and my tummy. By-the-way my watch and pants are much looser now.”


Top 3 Ways to Better Health (Means Better and Longer Life)

1. Get a Knowledgeable Coach Who Can Train and Motivate You

I make it my mission to help you achieve your goals.

I explain the why and teach you how. It becomes easy and fun to maintain the Primed Lifestyle.

2. Jump off The Sugar Roller Coaster (Grains = Sugar in your body)

Sugar coaster

A cool way to do this is by eating more eggs and green vegetables as this then crowds out the cheap carbage.

I teach you how sugar harms you. There is no doubt about it. The sugar spikes and crashes hurts your body and brain. It could also lead you to become overfed and undernourished which reduces your immune systems ability to fight illness.

Did you know that bread, pasta and noodles = sugar in your body?


3. Examine your Why?

Inspirational Tony Robins

I help you identify your goals, keep them in focus as we go through the many Primed Protocols that ensure you reach them. And then maintain them.

That Paleo Show quote1

I treat all my Primed clients as individuals and tailor a program to suit the needs of you and your family (ideally).

This is the Primed Way

Cholesterol improvements

The Final Word

Here is my initial reply to asking if I could help Normandy, the other Brothers of De La Salle and the children in their care.

“We can. I am passionate about helping people (children in particular) about getting healthy so as to improve the quality and quantity of their lives. My program absolutely does that. If your brothers follow it and live the Primed Lifestyle your example will help others with both their mental and physical well being. The information is priceless as you cannot put a price on health, happiness and longevity. I want to help EVERYONE in the Philippines. They deserve to be happy and healthy.”