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Filipino Fried Rice – The Primed Version for Longer Life

I LOVE a great Fried Rice. With the right Primed ingredients it can be a meal in itself and something that powers your body and mind all day.

However, with the wrong ingredients and cooked using vegetable oil it will spike your blood sugar levels (and therefore insulin) and can have severe adverse health consequences.

Dr. Cate Shanahan (chief nutritional doctor of the L.A.Lakers and respected author of Deep Nutrition) surveyed hundreds of patients in New Zealand that were admitted to the hospital for a heart attack, and discovered that every single patient that just had a heart attack had consumed foods made with vegetable oils with their last meal before the heart attack…Scary huh! Information from this site.

Filipino Fried Rice1

How about a healthy and nutritious Primed Filipino Fried Rice? One that you can add your own twist to by including local vegetables that suit your budget. Vegetables like Malunggay, Okra and Kangkong can all be used in this dish besides the ones mentioned. Imagine the nutritional value of this version with your Pork or Chicken instead of just plain white rice? Here, you are giving your mind and body high performance fuel.


Filipino Fried Rice -PrimedforyourLife2
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