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5 Star Review for Primed Home Cooks – “High Fat / Keto”. Photo story of a great day.

So happy our client and her friends were delighted with our services.

*** We prepared great food, served it and cleaned up after.

Experienced Cook or chef

Susan H. said “Chad and Deb did an outstanding job of preparing a delicious lunch. The food was yummy and healthy. The fact they cleaned up and stayed back to serve meant as the hostess, I got to spend time with my guests, feeling relaxed and stress free.”

We shopped for our client and bought excellent quality food.

Our food was nutritious, delicious and fresh. Made with passion and love.

The highlight was Primed Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms. Deb is a great cook and this dish was voted #1. Cool.

The Pickled veg Kinilaw was also popular.

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Primed Home Cooks – “Low Carb / Keto” – St. Kilda area and surrounds in Melbourne, Victoria. Cheers

Bringing you a fresh, personalised and flexible menu to suit your individual dietary needs.

  • Great quality nutrition made with love by two passionate cooks;
  • No packaging costs and waste as we cook in your home and store immediately in your fridge and freezer;
  • No food deterioration from food delivery services where it sits in a van along with other pre-packed stuff;
  • Freshest ingredients for optimal health;
  • We only use the healthiest of quality fats like coconut oil, lard, butter, duck fat and extra virgin olive oil.

  • We use only quality ingredients and design your menu plan from the following:

    Breakfast items;
    Tasty vegetables;
    Desserts; and

Quality carbohydrates rock. Like cabbage in coconut cream with Dijon mustard, assorted leafy greens with onion, garlic and ginger, cauliflower rice, sweet potatoes fried in Primed organic virgin coconut oil, home made tomato sauce, oven roasted squash, zucchini noodles, okra, vegetable fritters etc.

  • We can also do corporate events, dinner parties, pantry clean outs, cooking lessons and education sessions to help understand our Primed philosophies for optimal health.

Oven Baked Crusted (Pork Rind, Parmesan Sesame) Salmon
with an Israeli Salad and Garlic Aioli

Parmesan Crackers with Smoked Salmon Creme Fraiche, Spring Onion Rocket and Lemon

Parmesan Cheese, Creme Fraiche, Spring Onion , Lemon, Rocket

Crispy Duck Breast w a Fennel and Snow Pea Slaw,
Fresh Basil and a Citrus Dressing

Duck Breast, Cabbage, Carrot, Fennel, Snow Peas, Spanish Onion, Fresh Basil, Orange and EVOO

Spanish prawn chicken LSA pizza with a green Salad

Low Carb Cabbage, Prawn and Pork Steamed Dumplings

Primed vegetable Kinilaw with anchovies and steamed eggs

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Gudauri ski resort in Georgia: Beautiful one day and perfect the next! 10 Reasons to visit.

10 great reasons to visit Gudauri ski 🎿 resort in Georgia 🇬🇪, Asia.

(1) Great snow ❄️;

(2) Fabulous skiing ⛷;

(3) Wonderful people;

(4) Amazing value for money up to 1/4 less than most other places;

(5) Breathtaking scenery every day;

(6) Longer days of light so you can ski 🎿 from 10am till 5:30pm;

(7) Can put on your skis and be on the slopes within 5 minutes;

(8) Sensational food also great value for 💰;

(9) Not too crowded; &

(10) Is a perfect Primed activity for great health = quality air, DDW, fun outdoor activity, albedo effect from snow, good sun 🌞 and meeting new friends from around the globe.

#gudauriskiresort #primedlifestyle #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter #energyislife❤️ #deuteriumdepletedwater #deuteriumdepletion #sunshineisenergy☀️ #skiing⛷ #georgia🇬🇪

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Make 2019 awesome. 8 ways on how to rock it in 2019.

Your New Year’s Eve resolutions
will be made but can you stick to them? Yes is the short answer so as to ensure an improved you in the new year.

My motto for 2019 is BED. This motto rocks for 2 reasons.

1. Sleep is the key to health. Sleep better and you will live better.

2. BED is an acronym for Better Every Day.

Without good sleep you are more likely to make poor decisions. By being better every day your Primed habits will help you sleep better.


Starting now you can make the rest of your life the best of your life. It is up to you.

You will be healthier and happier this year. You will get younger and fitter in mind and body!

Follow these key ingredients to ensure your 2019 is the best ever.

(1) Write out your work, life, fitness etc. goals and ensure they are somewhere prominent;


I personally want to: (a) Help over a million people improve their life through Primed; (b) Get into meditative practices and yoga; and (c) Spend more quality time loving and enjoying my beautiful family; (d) Create wonderful Primed recipes that taste great, are easy to prepare and not expensive; (e) Do/use more: Lemons, sun, grounding, regular intelligent fasting, laughing, gratitude exercises, CT, public speaking, company speaking, networking, hugging, standing and walking; and (f) Get more spice in my life!

Spice in your Life

What are your goals?  You have a better chance of success if you write them down and let people know.  

(2) Keep a record of all your food, beverages and outdoor exercise as a constant reminder to yourself to not slip up. This is important and a great habit for you to do that will aid you to successfully reach your written goals.  If you then have a friend or coach to be accountable to then that is a great bonus.

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Supercharge your energy – 20 Lies we have been told.

20 Myths / lies that could make us unhealthy

Here is some of the conventional advise we have been told to do or thought was the right way for more energy. I tried many of these with bad results. Try doing opposite and see how you feel.

I bet the healthy role models you know did not follow this “conventional wisdom”. Do the opposite to the conventional and you will see your health improve.

  1. Eat more carbohydrates like bread, pasta, noodles and breakfast cereal – I used to eat these when I was over weight and lazy. These foods are low energy with low nutrient density. Might be suitable for people in countries where they are not poisoned with the chemical Round Up (glyphosate is poison in our bodies) and where they are getting a lot of energy from the sun. Grains do not grow in Norway for a reason.
  2. Eat less fat because fat makes you fat – No way. Fat is simply more energy input in your bodies electron chain transport system. Quality fat is energy rich and great for you.
  3. Exercise more – This is bad advise if you have low energy in your body. Would you drive your car a long way if your car engine was not operating properly. Exercise is great once you are energized, in a good environment and at the right time. Context is key.
  4. Eat constantly with many small meals throughout the day – No way. Not only is that time consuming it is not good for our digestive system. Ideally eat 2 nutrient and energy dense meals in day light hours then let your digestive sytem have a break. It takes energy to digest food so best to limit this and definitely not late at night when recovery and repair should be prioritized whilst you sleep.
  5. Count your calories – So glad I never wasted my time doing this one. Does a calorie of junk food equal a calorie of seafood? No it does not. One helps your brain and body and the other hinders it. Aim for optimal energy inputs with great nutrition.
  6. Soy is a healthy – Soy is 90% GMO. Is estrogenic and best avoided unless men want manboobs and women are ok with infertility.
  7. Vegetable oil is good for you – Please see 20 reasons to avoid TOXIC vegetable oil.
  8.  Sugar drinks like energy drinks, Sugarades etc. are a good source of energy – They are a source of sugar and inflammation only. Best avoided 100%. Fall in love with water.
  9. Whole grains / grains are healthy – Please see 20 reasons to avoid all grains. the exception might be countries where they do not spray the poison glyphosate on their grains.
  10. I got this condition due to my genetics – Nope, approximately 85% of our conditions are due to lifestyle, environment, food and drinks. Hence, this is how we reverse them. Your genetics load the gun but lifestyle etc. pull the trigger. There is something YOU can do to improve YOUR health and that of your family.
  11. The sun is harmful – When did the sun become bad for us? Why does grass still grow in the sun? Is the sun bad or has our ability to withstand the sun reduced? Did our ancestors hide from the sun while they lived long and well? Did your friend get sickly whilst avoiding the sun? Please see 20 reasons the sun is our number 1 source of energy.
  12. Avoid the midday sun – Hello. This is ludicrous. It depends on where you are and how powerful that midday sun is. It depends on your context of the color of your skin and your ability to be in the sun. A black person needs more sun than a white person. A healthy white person with a nice tan needs more sun than an unhealthy white person. An unhealthy white person needs more energy from the sun but in a sensible way that builds his ability to withstand the sun.
  13. Sunscreen is good for you – Sunscreen is a chemical on your skin that then goes into your blood stream. Not good for you. Especially when this chemical concoction blokes the beneficial effects of the sun. See 20 reasons the sun is our number 1 source of energy.
  14. Beware of cholesterol and limit your eggs – My record for eggs is 46 for breakfast. My cholesterol numbers are elite. My skin and energy too.
  15. A microwave is safe to use – A microwave radiates your food. It dehydrates your food as it heats it. It does the same to you if you stand close by. Your body is 70% water. your blood is 93% water.
  16. It is good to upgrade your cell phone, to use it a lot and ok for children – Do you think the cell phone radiation stops at the phone itself or maybe it penetrates into YOU? Does wi-fri radiation go around your body or maybe penetrate in to YOU? it penetrates deeper and faster into growing and developing brains and bodies of our children. Steve Jobs died at the young age of 56 from pancreatic liver cancer. He did not allow his children to have his devices. All his cash could not save him from his lifestyle, environment, food and drink decisions. Might he still be alive if he was a farmer in the Philippines?
  17. Take your medicine and believe all the doc tells you – Do the modern day medicines address the root cause of people’s ill health / lack of energy? Or are they simply band-aids that get doctors, hospitals, drug companies etc. very rich? If the cause of lethargy is YOUR food, drinks, lifestyle and environment then surely therein lies the opportunity to fix the root cause. Cut of body parts, taking drugs does not address the root cause. Medicines definitely have their time and place but I believe we are over-prescribed and over-diagnosed.
  18. Abs are made in the kitchen – Not true. You will now know that food is made from photosynthesis which predominately uses sunlight, water and the ground (among other things) to make food. Food is important but not that important. Especially if eaten at the wrong time. Your environment and current state of health should determine what foods are best for you.
  19. Health is 80% food and 20% exercise – No way. Very untrue. Exercise a lot in the fake light of a gym and your bones become weaker. The sun helps your bones and teeth become stronger. Provided you sleep well. In my opinion food is around 20% and exercise is cool provided you do it mainly outside so as to get the benefits of the sun and nature. Your environment and lifestyle are more important.
  20. Supplements are what I need for health – Buying supplements are good for the people selling them. Why not invest in a beach holiday instead. Drink better quality water. get more sunshine that is free and effective compared to a pill of vitamin D. Do you really think a tablet can beat the real thing? Sometimes a supplement can be a bridge to better health but is not something to be relied upon. I personally use magnesium spray occasionally but perfer epsom salt baths instead. I get my vitamin D direct from the source. No expense required.


My story:

I have personally made every mistake in the book. I have over-trained whilst doing my Ironman event training. I have eaten all the wrong food and made myself more unhealthy my working out in the gym late at night.


Food for thought?: Bob Harper, the coach on Biggest Loser is a proponent of hard gym training, counting calories, eating carbohdrates and the more is best style of attitude. He also had a massive heart attack at the age of 40?

Did you know?:

Fake food made under fake light in a factory is not good for you despite the millions of dollars big companies spend on marketing. Fake TOXIC vegetable oil is not made from vegetables and is not good. Most soy is GMO and not good. Sugar is not good as even a 3 year old knows. Highly processed grains are just like sugar but with the poison glyphosate inside. Also, low fat is not good because they took out the energy dense fat and added chemicals and sugar.

See the light:

Did you know?: Our overall quality and length of life is diminshing. We are dieing younger and are more sick, tired and diseased than ever. We have followed “conventional” wisdom but it appears not to be going so well for us. Maybe it is time to throw conventional out the window and become better observers of the people who are thriving with a vibrant and dynamic quality of life.

Take action:

Have an open mind and challenge all the “conventional” information spoon fed to us. Notice that so many are unhealthy following this but some are becoming stronger, smarter and look “younger”. Follow the example of the energized and vibrant. Learn from what the others are doing but follow your own path to optimal health. It is your journey and unique to you.


20 Reasons to avoid glyphosate poisoned grains and TOXIC vegetable oil.

20 Reasons to avoid grains

When aiming for maximum energy and nutrition through our food and environment you’ll see that most grains are low energy, nutrient deficient and not suitable for people wishing to maximize their energy.

The modern grains are not the same as in previous generations. Most grains are poisoned before being harvested with a Monsanto pesticide called Round Up. The poison that causes so much damage is called glyphosate.

Wheat = sugar = poison. The grains cause the following:

  1. Leaky gut = holes in stomach due to the gluten in grains. Would you drink a glass of water with bits of glass in it?;
  2. Brain permeability = a lot of Alzheimer’s, ADHD etc. these day right? Remember, your gut and brain are linked. Your brain is 65% fat;
  3. Huge sugar spike = inflammation and fat storage and ultimately insulin resistance = Type 2 Diabetes once we eat too many cheapo carbs;
  4. Nutrient deficiency due to high calories but no proper nutrition = over fed (fat) yet undernourished (O&U – sick);
  5. Stimulates your appetite so you eat more due to opiate qualities in bread, pasta, noodles etc.;
  6. Does not fill you up and actually switches off your feeling full switch (leptin) so you eat more;
  7. Leaches nutrients from your body so you are even more Overfed & Undernourished;
  8. Blocks absorption of nutrients into your body. Hence, just because you ate it it does not mean the nutrients were absorbed. Grains stop the absorption. Yikes;
  9. Are chemical monstrosities made in a lab then factory. A scientist played with different genes of wheat grass to come up with the Frankenfood they call bread, pasta and noodles!;
  10. Are indigestible to humans and ruin your digestive system. They must be highly processed to be digested;
  11. Affect your immune system so you can no longer fight disease. How can you fight disease when you are eating nutrient deficient, nutrient leaching grass that spikes your blood sugar higher than sugar?
  12. Grains are the seeds of grasses. Cows have four legs and are adapted to eat grass. Humans have 2 legs and are not adapted to eat grass. Sadly, when we feed grains to cows they get sick then fat. Oops, just like humans.
  13. They are POISONED before harvesting. Ok, so, you want to eat the seeds of grasses and are cool with letting the factory processes them highly just so you can have a sandwich. However, did you know the wheat is sprayed with a poison called Round Up before harvesting? The glyphosate in Round Up is not something you want in your sandwich, but it is. This glyphosate is a poison that hurts you.
  14. Grains make you HUNGRY. You will be hungrier when including grains with your food because your increased blood sugar means increased insulin. Insulin is a fat storage hormone. So, now your blood stream has less nutrients (stored as fat, leaked through gut and blocked absorption) and your brain FORCES you to eat more because it thinks you are starving. Not cool.
  15. Extra water weight due to increased inflammation. The sugar (grains = sugar) causes inflammation so your body retains water to deal with this. Extra water weight is not something you want.
  16. You get HANGRY. That’s a bad combo of HUNGRY and ANGRY. Blood sugar is spiked when eating sugar bread, pasta and noodles. What goes up must some down so the crash wreaks your mood. Your blood sugar crashes below normal.
  17. When you are hungry more often you eat more, snack more and think of food more often. Here, you are living to eat as opposed to eating to live. There is an opportunity cost of the time you wasted cooking, buying, thinking and eating all that extra nutrient deficient carbage. Just eat real food and you’ll be more satisfied, less hungry and will not have to eat as much or as often. You can spend your time more productively.
  18. Do not support fake food companies that lie in their marketing campaigns as they target you and your children with their rubbish products. If only they spent as much money on developing proper, nutritious food. Support real food farmers and producers.
  19. Grains = sugar = harms your teeth and gums. Floss and brush all you want but you cannot brush away a bad diet.
  20. Grains affect your brain.

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Primed Sydney nurse Jane is rocking it. So much so even her Doctor is “amazed”.

Happy weekend Chad. I had my blood test last week you wont believe the results that even my GP was so amazed…

I had blood tests done..including cancer markers because I had few episodes of panic attacks. I had my work up last week. Lots of blood test were done. When I went back to my GP I was so amazed to find out how healthy I am that even my GP asked what is my secret?

To give you a bit of a back ground…more than a year ago I was diagnosed with vit. D deficiency and put on supplements. My insulin level was higher than normal which my GP then said that I am most likely to have type 2 diabetes if I am not careful with my diet.

Then I started primed….after a year I have my repeat bloods…

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