Nurse J & Hubby J & son J are ROCKING their Primed Lifestyle in Sydney. No more meds. More energy. Energy is LIFE.

From Nurse J in Sydney:

”No chad..thank you! You just don’t know what you have done.

We are more than just being fine and doing good.”

Here’s Some of their FABULOUS Primed Nutrition.

SWP Featured Image

J & J foodfi

J & J food14

J & J food5

J & J food

J & J food1

J is off all statin cholesterol lowering meds. Very cool. 

I am still a little upset and disappointed at the only Primed client who stayed on his cholesterol lowering meds (his wife even wrongly prescribed despite an excellent Triglyceride to HDL ratio). He is not doing well and is spending money on hospitals and not holidays. Crazy.

Rina cholesterol

Manny architects cholesterol

Fix the root cause of the problem. Do not add DRUGS to the problem. That is not cool.

They know that Primed energy is not simply from their food.

J & J food13

Jane and John Primed

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