Chefs Nicole and Bart Thriving in Denmark

Happy birthday Nicole. You rock.

1. “First off you feel so much more energized. I almost never feel groggy in the morning. Even after working 16-18 hours a day, i always wake up feeling fresh and ready for the day.”

Nicole and Bart3

2. “Less Coffee. I cut down on my coffee consumption by almost 1/2! No need for coffee when you’re always feeling fresh and energized!”

SGV Primed talk energy

3. I get sick so much less now!


4. My skin is so much better! I always used to break out just before getting my period and now it’s practically gone!

Nicole and Bart grateful

Nicole rocks. Bart too.

Fiishmongersdailycatch Chef Nicole

So Grateful to Know and Help Nicole and Bart

I have some Primed Organic VCO for you when you are in the Philippines in December guys.


I mentioned both Nicole and Judith about what typifies the Filipino spirit that I LOVE


So glad I changed. Nicole and Bart are glad they changed too.

I used to believe the bs of more exercise, less sun, more cheapo carbos, go low fat, healthy whole grains, eat breakfast GARBAGE cereal, beware cholesterol, upgrade, Sugarade, eat often, take your meds etc. 🙂

Nicole and Bart 1

Cheers for the above post Primed Ancie.

#onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter#lifeissleep😴 #sleepislife💤#primednutritionfeedsyourbrain #brownskinrocks🌟🌟 #sunshineisenergy☀️ #energyislife😊 #energyislife❤️

Primed reverses

Do You Need To Change? Would you and your family benefit by going Primed?

  • Chad’s email is

  • 0929-421-2148

  • primedforyourlife (skype)

Rina M T2D reversed

Nicole Server, Runner1

Nicole is Soleus too. Cool.

Soleus hip hop

My son Christian is a Soleus boy.

Soleus Cross Country Run Fun3

I did a Primed seminar for the Soleus team and the health benefits were ENORMOUS.

Soleus seminar

The Final Word

Nicole and Bart 4

Food is #4 on your road to optimal health. So much is more important. 🙂

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