Princess lost dysmenorrhea, cravings and many pounds but gained energy and peace of mind.

I  have known Princess Galura from Sunrise Events for many years and so happy and proud that she is THRIVING with her Primed lifestyle.


Princess has so many Primed benefits like:

* Better sleep quality;

* No jet lag from travel overseas;

* Stronger and better hair (me too Princess – Yippie);

* Better and more vibrant skin;

* No more dysmenorrhea;

* Much better overall energy (energy is life); and

* Loving the Primed food.

Princess knows how to improve even more. It is not meds, supplements or gym. That is for time wasters. Princess will go to the next level via cool Primed protocols like GRATITUDE. Grateful for you Princess. BIG hugs.

#primednutritionfeedsyourbrain #sunshineisenergy☀️#brownskinrocks🌟🌟 #energyislife❤️ #regularintelligentfasting

Primed also REVERSES Asthma

Princess asthma gone

The Primed lifestyle easily reverses asthma. Easily.
  • My gorgeous Primed client Princess Galura not only improved her skin and energy but cured her asthma. It’s gone. That is cool.

Mary Joy Tacay in Davao too. Oscar in Manila too. Hundreds more. Easy. So, let’s add asthma to hypertension, IBS, T2D, potential Alzheimer’s, ADHD, dysmenorrhea, lack of energy, lack of mental clarity, joint pain, back pain, period pain, headaches, bad skin and acid reflux to the long list of items people have seen go away.
  • I love my job. So happy to be able to help people improve their lives.

 Why did Princess go Primed? Princess said “You got me at pâté.”
Pate Princess
Simple Primed dinner tonight. Cucumber, cream cheese and liver pate. Too easy. Delicious too.#livelongerlivebetter😍😜#primednutritionfeedsyourbrain
  • The Primed Lifestyle also improves your skin naturally

Princess skin

The Primed lifestyle improves the quality of your skin big time. All these cool Primed champs have had people asking them their secret. No lotions or potions. Just Primed.

SGV Primed talk energy

“My Russian dance coach says i lost weight and look so strong.” 

The Primed lifestyle is not about weight loss but energy gain. Food is just number 4 on your path to optimal health. With better energy you have better sleep and better immune system functioning.

Princess Loves Primed Nutrition Like:

Primed Chocolate Fruit Balls that she took to Cebu 70.3 Ironman event

“I have a new favorite … Okra omelette.”

“I have a new favorite.. Shrimps with avocado and homemade mayo ( olive oil, 2 yolks and calamansi).”

Avocado from Davao3
“when I am craving sweets, I eat boiled saba or open a small 70% cacao dark chocolate.”


“i am not sluggish in the morning, I normally have deep sleep, unless preparing for an Ironman event.”


“Ah okay.. no soy.. got it.. just not having dysmenorrhea is already good for me.”


“I told you no more dysmenorrhea and people say that my skin is glowing..”

“I had roasted pumpkin, garlic and sardines in olive oil.. sarap sobra 😊”

“Hi chad! Hyatt is making your gels. I provide the recipe.”

Gels suck

MIM 2015 gels


The Next Steps for Further Improvements for Princess

  • Reserved for Princess and other Primed clients only unfortunately
  • Primed is not a one size fits all and achieves best results for those “with skin in the game”
  • You need Primed knowledge to understand what you need for your context
  • Meaning people who really commit to improving themselves and inspiring others too will be the truly successful ones
  • A half hearted effort for your own health will not work
  • Unless you have the full Primed knowledge these Primed protocols will not make sense and might harm you
  • Hence, these protocols are only reserved for Primed clients.

It is easy to be a Primed client.

  • Text me at 0929-421-2148
  • Email me at
  • Skype me at primedforyourlife
  • If too scared to make a first step I cannot help you
  • If scared it is expensive then you are wrong because Primed is FREE for many
  • It is a simple matter of negotiating a price YOU CAN AFFORD
  • Easy
  • Go Primed today an life improves tomorrow
  • You save time and money




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