The Wholesome Table Staff enjoying Primed Healthy Benefits AND their Families too.


Rosette, the boss of HR

Rosette has a better brain and body. Cool.

Rosette said this is her best body shape for 20 years. Wow.

Rosette has:

  • Better skin
  • More energy
  • Lost well over 10 pounds (no exercise or supplements)
  • No more period pain
  • Looks younger

Rosette is very satisfied and satiated be eating more eggs, seafood and less rice. Rosette also enjoys getting in the sun and her family are also improving their health.

Rosette is setting a GREAT example to her colleagues, family and friends. That is PRICELESS.

Rosette TWT


What a wonderful smile.

Hex now walks in the sun instead of catching a jeepney from her MRT stop.

Hex has lost around 26 pounds or so and has improved confidence. That rocks.

Hex loves eggs and will work on eliminating crackers, bread and maybe a little less rice with more quality green carbohydrates instead. Or more eggs.

Hex will DEFINITELY not be going to the gym and wasting money there. There are far better environments in which to spend your energy. 


Chef Lorense is 25 pounds down

Is enjoying eating more quality nutrition to better fuel his brain and body. 

TWT Success stories seriesChefBGC

Chef Raymond

 Lost hyper-acidity in 4 days.

Also some pounds and became happier in knowing the way to more optimal health for himself and his family.

Chef Raymond Palmez is rocking his Primed Lifestyle. 5 pounds and hyper acidity have disappeared already.

  • No exercise, meds or supplements necessary.

Primed Mon, his family and staff will all be healthier, stronger and happier. All because he has cool bosses that really care. Juan and Bianca rock.

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Chef Raymond

Beautiful Tricia

Is smiling even more brightly with her improved confidence having gone Primed.

fiTWT Success stories seriesTrish

Tes and Family – Tes

  • Feels lighter
  • Is healthier and happier
  • Lost 9 pounds in her first week of going Primed and had maintained her optimal body weight since then
  • Loves that Primed has helped her children to become smarter and stronger
  • Loves that Primed helped her Mum off hypertension meds
  • Loves that she is more energized with more time for her family
  • Loves her Primed food and is satisfied


Esmeralda, the cool and youthful Mum of Tes, has improved her overall health. Cool.

  • Peace of mind and happiness.

Tes Esmeralda

The children of Tes, Alec and Ian, have improved academically.

Tes Ian and Alec

Also improved in their sporting endeavors too. THAT’S HUGE. Double yippie yippie!

Ian Volleyball champ

From Tes:

“Ian said she will also talk to her Grandma about Primed. You see what you did on my kids?  Their Primed mindset is just awesome.  They know you are right because they can feel it within themselves that they are now better and happier children.  Have a great week, Chad! Thank you very much! J”


 Does your family or Company Need to go Primed and THRIVE?

TWT Group shot

Had a lot of fun at the Head office of The Wholesome Table this morning. It was another fun Primed seminar. A lot of success stories already from Glyza, Cielle and Tina.

They have reported improved skin, energy and sleep since my talk late last year. Cool. A lot more success stories to come from these fabulous staff. AND their families. Guaranteed. They all now know how to live longer and better. It will happen.

#primedforyourlife�� #thewholesometable#juanelizaldeisagreatboss #biancaelizalde#primedimprovesyourbrain#primedimprovesperformance #sunlight — withTes Lei.

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