Primed Anton & Rache and Family are Healthier and Happier with their Primed Lifestyle. Not always easy but getting there.

The Primed Lifestyle is not a diet but a natural and holistic LIFESTYLE that includes your food, drinks, environment and thoughts. All are important in our journey to optimal health.

  • It is not always easy. It is not about being perfect but striving to do better.
  • To do better for our own brains and bodies.
  • To help ourselves so we are in a better position to help the ones we love.
  • Primed is about enjoying the journey. Enjoy your successes and learn from your challenging time.



From Rache:

“Hi Chad,

Just to make the story true to its form, maybe we can include that we are struggling to make this work but still enjoying what we do bec it’s the more natural thing to do rather than take supplements to slim down.”


Rache has noticed the following:

  • Better body shape
  • Her clothes fit better
  • Lost many pounds
  • Lost inches from waist
  • Gets lots of comments from friends

Rache Primed b&a

  • Is sleeping better
  • Improved skin
  • Improved energy in morning and afternoon
  • Is loving her Primed food
  • Is less hungry
  • Is healthier and happier


Anton has noticed the following:

  • Has lost inches off his waist
  • No longer gets any illness
  • Has an improved immune system 
  • Sleeps better
  • Has more energy
  • Has improved mental cognition
  • Snores less
  • Is delighted that he and Rache have introduced a healhier and fun lifestyle for their entire family

Anton and family

  • Better body functioning
  • Is less hungry
  • His clothes fit better
  • Improved his key cholesterol numbers by 20% in 3 months
  • Anton has darker skin and enjoys the sun
  • Health is not about weight. Better markers are your waist size, skin, energy levels, sleep etc.
  • Anton loves great Primed nutrition like Chef Ferdie’s Primed breakfast of garlic butter fried shrimp and bok choy with fried egg

In a box Primed for your Life4


Love catching up with Primed Anton and Rache from @ourawesomeplanet making excellent progress with Anton’s latest cholesterol panel paralleling the way he feels and looks. Cool. His Triglyceride to HDL ratio improved around 20% which indicates good/improving cardiovascular health. Very groovy.

#primednutritionfeedsyourbrain #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter #ourawesomeplanet🌏✨  #sunshineisenergy☀️ #energyislife😊 #energyislifelifeisenergy #energyislife


Our Awesome Planet

  • Anton knows the best food to order when dining out at Circles buffet. 
  • Anton also knows when is the best time to have that buffet.
  • Anton also knows how to mitigate any thing that might harm him if he eats wrongly or at the wrong time.

Circles buffet restaurant27

  • You need to eat great food to properly nourish your brain and body.

  • Once Primed you never count calories.

  • You no longer need supplements. People even get off their meds.

Circles awesome lunchfi

  • Primed Belle even lost 15 pounds since adopting some Primed principles.

Makati Shang2

Anton and Rache and family enjoyed great Primed food and a Primed seminar at their house one sunny day.

Our Awesome Planet1

We enjoyed Primed Korean Quiche with recipe here.

In a box Primed for your Life3

  • I love the beautiful view from their roof deck. Primed is holistic and a lot more than simply food. Once Primed you learn that food is just one form of nutrition.

  • Food is just 20% of your entire health equation on your path to optimal health.

Optimal Primed Protocols sunshine1

We also enjoyed Primed Veg Kinilaw with tuna and roasted squash with sardines.

Our Awesome Planet3

A favorite dish was Chef Ferdie’s Primed breakfast of garlic butter shrimp with bok choy and a fried egg. 

Ferdies Primed NY Style Cheesecake Breakfast

Ferdie Cheesecake

Up close with Primed oven roasted squash with sardines in olive oil.

In a box Primed for your Life2

Great food nourished your brain and body.

In a box Primed for your Life8

Restaurant 101 review by Anton fom 10 years ago.







Primed is a fun lifestyle to help you achieve the following:

Primed reverses

The Final Words:

If you want to improve the health of yourself and your family:

  • Simply text me at 0929-421-2148.
  • Or email me at
  • Or skype at primedforyourlife.


Other Champs Who Reversed Hypertension and/or Type 2 Diabetes:

Judith amazing







Serr Chief b&a







Mum rocks


  • There is a lot more.

  • You should be a Primed success story too. 

  • Spend money on holidays not hospitals.

  • On seafood not drugs.

  • On Eggs not supplements….

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