Tes and family are Enjoying their Primed Lifestyle.

Primed Tes

  • Feels lighter
  • Is healthier and happier
  • Lost 9 pounds in her first week of going Primed and had maintained her optimal body weight since then
  • Loves that Primed has helped her children to become smarter and stronger
  • Loves that Primed helped her Mum off hypertension meds
  • Loves that she is more energized with more time for her family
  • Loves her Primed food and is satisfied


Esmeralda, the cool and youthful Mum of Tes, has improved her health at the age of 66. Cool.

  • Peace of mind and happiness.

Tes Esmeralda

The children of Tes, Alec and Ian, have improved academically.

Tes Ian and Alec

Also improved in their sporting endeavors too. THAT’S HUGE. Double yippie yippie!

Ian Volleyball champ

From Tes:

“Ian said she will also talk to her Grandma about Primed. You see what you did on my kids?  Their Primed mindset is just awesome.  They know you are right because they can feel it within themselves that they are now better and happier children.  Have a great week, Chad! Thank you very much! J”

Tes and family are making the rest of their lives the best of their lives. That rocks.


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