9 Months Virtually No Booze. I am Loving Life. I did fail a bit (when in Roma) but succeed a lot!

I have too many people to help live better and longer lives to slow myself down with alcohol. My passion is more important than a glass of wine at night (I gave up beer 3 years ago).

I am now into my 9 month with no booze (except for slipping up with a couple of glasses of wine whilst in Roma in late October).

I had a goal to quit all alcohol from July 16th 2016 for 26 months but I FAILED.

After 3 1/2 months with no alcohol I had some wine in Roma. I failed in my goal.

However, I used this setback to strengthen my resolve. I thought about how well I did for over 100 days and was proud of myself. Since my little setback I have not touched booze again.

*** So, I failed, but I learned, therefore I succeeded. ***

Read about my no booze journey here.

Alcohol 1

Is there anything you love too much and is slowing you down? Addiction to your cell phone, internet, beer, tv, sugar etc.

When ready, please share.

It is liberating.


Ok, so it has been 9 months since I gave up all alcohol. So far so good.

I am enjoying the added weight loss from not consuming empty carbs/sugar. Averaging 64 kilos compared to 66 upon returning from our Roma holiday.

More importantly I am feeling better, more alert, happier, my cloths fit better, my guts is smaller etc.

I have saved money and have simply bought better quality water with my saved money.

CiCou-Chad with Pinky and Nisz

I will not drink alcohol from July 16th 2016 until September 28th 2018. (Except for when in Rome!)

Why? Because I want to live better and live longer. Alcohol does not suit my body or brain any more. I have too many great things to achieve. I have too many people I wish to help. I will not touch alcohol till my 50th birthday “Because I said I would”.

Because quote
My Tactics to Ensure Success of my Goals:

1. I have told myself, Natasha, Lauren and Christian (they will keep me honest in times of weakness);

Soleus Cross Country Run Fun1
2. I am posting this on facebook and emailing to Primed champs as a constant reminder to myself to be true to myself.

3. I will visualize, journal and record all the great benefits of my decision daily and long-term. Mediation rocks. Visualize success. Be grateful for each successful day;

Benefits of Meditation
4. I will listen to great podcast like this one from Jason Shon Bennet:


5. I will use tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) as a tool to stop any cravings for alcohol (sugary carbo that damages body & brain). Examples on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J1HQyba-iI

and article here:


and here:



6. I will adjust habits so as to do eccentric gym, more walking, more reading etc. at night when I otherwise might like a glass of wine. In other words, I’ll change my habits to more positive ones; and

7. Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySbeSUE2XHE

and this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-mjhtADLBo

8. I will summarize here the detrimental effects of alcohol which guides me in my Primed journey to Optimal Health:

(a) Fat is the most robust macronutrient with 9 kcal/gram. So, it gives us the most energy/electrons. Compare with protein and carbohydrates of 4 kcal/gram. Cheapo shitty carbos are a lot less than 4 kcal/gram as they are POISON.

Alcohol gives 7 kcal/gram but this is not cool energy because the alcohol must be metabolized first above fat, protein and carbohydrates because it is a POISON in the body.

(b) The human body is PHYSIOLOGICALLY DESIGNED to satisfy the vast majority of its energy requirements from stored body fat.

*** Nothing moves us out of fat burning mode faster than drinking alcohol.  A lot of wines tested have also shown to contain the poison glyphosate (round up) that is also in grains and animals unfortunate to have been fed grains (then become sick then fat).


(c) The human body cannot store alcohol because one of the products of alcohol metabolism is acetaldehyde. This is extremely toxic to our system.

Whether we have 1 drink or 5, our body ceases burning fat (or metabolizing other fuels) and directs its energies into converting this metabolic poison (acetaldehyde) into Acetyl CoA which we can oxidize.

(d) The Double Whammy:

Our bodies must firstly deal with the alcohol energy  and also find some way of clearing the excess blood sugar as well.

So, when drinking beer or a mixed drink, you’ve got to deal with the alcohol first and your glucose must be shuttled into storage (fat on your belly and arse).

(e) Fueling with two nutrient deficient fuel sources is never a good idea.

Remember, alcohol is toxic in the blood and must be dealt with asap.

(f) The biggest challenge you’ll have is the 6 letter swear word called CHANGE. If I can change then you can too.

(g) Reminder: No matter the alcohol it is toxic to your liver with liver disease and cancer growing worldwide.

Do not drink yourself to ill health by:

  • simply giving up;
  • reducing intake; and
  • having more alcohol free days.

Good luck with whatever you love too much.

Whether it is Starchucks……


Your precious cell phone ….

Cell phone

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