Brain Health Habits Monday with Primed Recipe of Omelette of Sardines and Broccoli


How to Help your Brain – Brain Health Habits Monday

With all the stresses of modern life and living I wanted to put together a 7 day Brain Health Habits to see if there might be some ways to strengthen your most important organ.

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Here are some tips to Help Your Brain

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  1. Program Your Mind

Just like programming a computer you can program your mind for success. Set your goals and write them down in a prominent place. Make the goals attainable and have both short-term and long-term goals. Celebrate your successes but do not let a set back get you down.

I had a goal to quit all alcohol from July 16th 2016 for 26 months but I FAILED. After 3 1/2 months I had some wine in Roma. I failed in my goal. However, I used this setback to strengthen my resolve. I thought about how well I did for over 100 days and was proud of myself. Since my little setback I have not touched booze again. So, I failed but I learned therefore I succeeded. Read about my no booze journey here.

Bring positivity into your life and say the following sentences to yourself daily:

  • “I am happy.”
  • “I am prosperous.”
  • “I am healthy.”

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re probably right.” Henry Ford

I know it is not always so simple to talk yourself into happiness but loving yourself and seeing yourself in a positive light is critical. You are special, you have people who love you and things will get better. Believe it. See it in your mind. Say it. Make it happen.




Primed Recipe for a Healthy Brain

Primed Omelette of Broccoli and Sardines



  • Eggs, Sea salt or Himalayan salt, pepper, turmeric
  • Broccoli that has been steamed
  • Sardines in olive oil (preferably in a glass jar and not a can. Never in toxic vegetable oil)
  • Butter or Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) for frying


  • Simply mix 3 or 4 eggs and whisk
  • Add in salt, pepper and turmeric (we add these spices to almost everything)
  • Heat pan with VCO or butter
  • Add egg mix and allow to cook on low heat until eggs start to firm up like below left


  • Then simply add your Primed ingredients on to one half of the eggs like above right
  • I pre-mixed the broccoli and sardines together in a bowl before spooning onto the eggs
  • Then simply use a spatula to fold the empty side of the omelette over the ingredient loaded side


  • Seafood like sardines rock for brain health and green veg are cool too
  • You can have lots of rocking combinations like malunngay with home-made tomato sauce, tomato sauce and cheese, laing and tuyo, spinach and fresh tomatoes, ham and cheese etc.
  • For optimal brain health I recommend good seafood and a nice quality green carbohydrate like kang knog, spinach, broccoli etc.



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