Regular Intelligent Fasting is Cool, if, and only if, you are Primed (well nourished) like Cynthia Leviste

Cynthia Leviste

“Thank you so much for inspiring me. I tried your Primed approach and this enabled me to do the 16/8 way of eating. So glad to lose 4 kilos in almost 3 weeks. I’m happy to share my prepared foods. THANK YOU SSSSSOOOOOO MUCH.”

Cynthia L

“Down almost 11 pounds in a month..feeling pretty good. Still have quite a few to lose though.. I love comparing old pictures! On the left was 1 year ago when I started cross training – 800 calories a day and all of the cardio in Muay Thai & Boxing 😂. On the right, 4 weeks out from any training doing waaaaay NO cardio and eating way more HEALTHY & REAL FOODS 🍌🧀🍆🍅🍳Couldn’t have done any of this without @primedforyourlife who has inspired me from day 1 to day 30. Big things coming this year for me.. I love myself more. — with Chad Davis.”

Cynthia Leviste

Examples of Cynthia’s Primed Food


Regular Intelligent Fasting is not a magic bullet for health.

It could be part of a strategy for wellness that includes what foods you eat, what poison carbage to avoid and lifestyle factors such as getting quality sunshine on your body as often as possible without getting burnt.


You must be healthy and well nourished before even thinking of fasting. Most are not unfortunately, so getting proper nourishment from your food and environment MUST be your first action.


  • Fasting whilst eating low quality disease agents (grains, gmo soy, sugar, sugar drinks, toxic veg oil, low fat any thing and processed stuff) is very foolish. It will make an Undernourished person even more so.
  • It is as fool hardy as doing extra training instead of getting proper sleep.
  • It is as silly as doing lots of exercise and fueling it on the non-foods mentioned above. It is a perfect recipe for getting older and sicker faster.

Chad Davis

“Hi Cynthia, it is easy. You personally fast every day = Overnight whilst you are sleeping. So, just extend it either by skipping dinner or breakfast. Or both. Only do it when you are so happy and satisfied with your food that you can do it with ease.

Hence, eat when hungry only.

By practicing fasting you redefine hunger. It is a great way to reset and recalibrate. Drink water, have black coffee even with some VCO, have tea, have apple cider vinegar with water during your fast. You must stay hydrated.”


Chad Davis

“It can also be called a restricted eating window where you eat between say 10am and 6pm. Again, only possible if you have a big fat tank as fuel.

Tiny tank sugar burners cannot do it. They are always HANGRY!

So, eat more nutritious food like eggs, protein and green veg and quality fats then you feel full and it is easy.”

VCO Fried eggs

Chad Davis – “Regular Intelligent Fasting is easy to do, easy to stop and helps on a lot of health levels. Only for those properly Primed and well nourished. Had a huge day yesterday (look out for Primed on radio – with just Primed Kinilaw for breakfast with tuna, anchovies and cheese. Sustained me for 25 hours of Primed seminars, running to cool Primed clients and other fun. My blood sugar was just 84 this morning. I broke my 25 hour fast with fruits and broccoli, avocado, eggs, cheese, tuyo and chili. Yum. Just eat when hungry.” #primedforyourlife #eatrealfood#regularintelligentfasting #PrimedKinilaw

RIF pic.jpg

Eat sugar spiking cheapo carbs and it is impossible to fast as you climb the walls when your sugars crash. Good luck. 🙂

Sugar coaster


Chad Davis – “Water is essential so never skip that. Even a coffee with some virgin coconut oil would be ok. Fasting or not fasting, crackers are not fit to eat in my opinion. They are like sugar in that they probably have 8 teaspoons in one crappy pack. There is no nutrition there, just a blood sugar spike that will make fasting impossible once your sugar crashes.


To do a fast you must eat real (not fake) food beforehand to feel full and satisfied. No grains, no sugar, no juice, no soy, no veg oil and no killer highly processed carbage that contain all if the above! Like crackers. Cheers. Hope this helps Cynthia.”



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