Mike Grogan’s Primed Health Transformation is Amazing. The Rise of the Pinoy Book Extract.

Best of You

“I was recently interviewed on the topic of personal change. The reporter asked me one of the best questions I have ever been asked: “what is the best small change you have ever made in your life?” I love this question. For most of my adult life, I always considered myself “reasonably healthy”. Today, looking back, I am embarrassed about how ignorant I was. I was treating my body terribly. That was evident on a daily basis. For years, I struggled with bad skin, being overweight, frequent heartburn and late-afternoon energy crashes. Worst of all, I just accepted this as a part of life. I never realized that what I was drinking and eating was causing this pain all along.
Mike healthy2
As I write this, I am in the best shape of my life: ideal weight, clear skin, abundant energy, and no more heartburn. I never realized that this was possible for me. I have totally transformed my health. People I know who have not seen me for a while often comment on my physical appearance. I share this with you not to impress you but to express a very important point. Making tiny changes in how I eat has completely transformed my health. It took me less than 30 days to transform my body.

Actually, after just a few days, I could feel the power of the change. I don’t claim to be an expert in the field of nutrition but I can speak with total confidence on the change that happened to me.

Mike Grogan The Rise of the Pinoy
So let me share with you my answer to that reporter’s question. My response was “my breakfast”. Before I began my health transformation, toasted bread and breakfast cereal was what I ate for almost every breakfast of my life for as I could remember. I thought it was a healthy choice but I was wrong. When I finally decided that I wanted to take my health to the next level, I asked my friend Primed Marc Daubenbuechel if he could recommend someone to me. The first person he said was Chad Davis. I did not know it then, but Chad is the Philippines’ number one health and wellness coach. The guy is a nutrition genius. He looked at my breakfast and informed me how poor of a decision I was making. His advice was simple: switch to eggs and homemade blended green juice (kangkong + banana + honey + water ). The change, although so tiny, had a huge impact on me. I believe it was one of the key changes I had made that resulted in my health being transformed. It’s the power of the daily victory.”

Mike healthy
Eat real food with real flavor and your body and brain works optimally.
Mike healthy1
Eat carbage like a supposed leading Filipino hospital dishes up in its Executive Lounge and you can count on a lot more visits to the hospital and drug store.

The Final Word

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