Fun Primed Wellness Seminars for fabulous kitchen crew of The Wholesome Table. They “get it” and will do better. Once you know better you do better.

We had a fun Primed training morning with the cool chefs of @thewholesometable Chefs Rey, Leu, Jose, Jeffrey & Aldrin now know exactly what to do to be smarter, stronger, healthier and happier. They will succeed for themselves and their families. That’s Primed.


With Chef Joart, Nittan, Andrea, Junray, Ronnie and Michael.

Chef Joart rocks. Since our last Primed seminar he has more energy, better sleep, a better mood, more confidence, better skin and is less hungry.

***** Chef Joart is a great role model for his @thewholesometable colleagues, family & friends.


Had a fun Primed wellness training session with Chef Vanessa, Bogs, Wilson and Roland. Chef Van rocked it Primed originally with better energy, sleep, mood and skin.

Then she hit a speed bump and did not follow Primed protocols and her health went south. Now she is back on track and her health is improving. Chef Van has more energy again. Her immune system has improved. Van rocks.

#onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter — with Chad Davis and Vanessa Floro.

Cool commissary team with Chef Raymond, Elbien, Alvin, Car, Andrew, Jezreel, Ronald, Glorie, Jerry, Jhomar, Errol, Nathan, Ariel, Paul, Mackay and Mar.

These two cool chefs listened to my Primed seminar months ago. They made changes and improved their health. They both sleep better and have more energy. They are stronger, smarter, healthier and happier. Both know food is #4 on their path to optimal health. #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter

I forgot to get a picture of TWT Rockwell Chefs Princess, Dane, Jam, Vanessa, Bryan, Joey, Rans, JP and Joel.

Primed Charlene rocks. Charlene has a smile that is as bright as sunshine. It is a pleasure to get great service at The Wholesome Table.

#onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter — with Charlene Mape.

Charlene is a champ. She is alert, smart, friendly and listens well. A future leader perhaps.

With Rockwell chefs and kitchen crew: Jason, Pauline, Leo, Rowel, Cesar, Migs, Angilline and Anthony.

These cool staff from @thewholesometable now know exactly what they have to do to THRIVE. They will thrive and also help their family, friends and colleagues. They are now Primed because their bosses rock.

*** Their bosses REALLY care for them. They want them to be more productive and happy at work and at home. Now they know better they WILL do better. Guaranteed.


With chefs and kitchen crew: Ron, Alcris, Nolan, Jonel, Jam, Nestor, Aramy and Ken.

@thewholesometable chefs rock. They now know hot to have more energy, how to improve their immune system & sleep better. I have completed 7 out of 9 Primed seminars this week. The staff of @thewholesometable will be smarter, stronger, happier and healthier.


With Sean, Melissa, Jannie, Michael, Mark and Erwin.

We had a fun 6am Primed training session this morning. These cool chefs “get it” and will apply.

*** Perfection is not expected. Improvement is expected. They will because they want more energy so as to live better and longer.

All will be smarter, stronger, healthier and happier. They will save time and money. They will help and inspire family, friends and colleagues.


Last session of 9 for the week was at 3pm on Saturday at The Wholesome Table Salcedo Village.

We had fun. We can all rise together.

Big love for Chef Trish. Not perfectly Primed but getting there. It is not about perfection but continual improvement. You deserve to be healthy and happy. #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter

CHEF JOART IS MORE ENERGISED, HAS BETTER SLEEP, MOODS AND SKIN. HE IS NOT HUNGRY BUT HAPPY. HE ROCKS. Chef Joart is a great example for his colleagues at The Wholesome Table.

Fabulous Revlyn is still doing great. It was only after going Primed that she became pregnant after trying for many years. Now she is a fabulous Mum applying Primed principles for her beautiful daughter.

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