Primed Henry is rocking the Whitsunday Islands

A blast from the past – 30 plus years since we were at Pembroke College –

“Hi chad, My son came in forth in the school cross country and it made me think of the great times we used to have running at Pembroke all those years.

You look like you have hardly aged at all. Six months ago because of your inspiration and helpful face book posts I began your Primed Lifestyle. I have not felt this good since we were running together and wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks. It would be great to catch up one day if you are ever in the Whitsunday’s please look me up. Thanks again Henry.”

“The family and I have been enjoying the four minute Nitric Oxide release workouts as they are fun and easy.”

Primed Henry has:

– Lost 15 kilos

– No hay fever

– Has much better sleep (sleep is life)

– Has better brain functioning

– Has improved mood

– Has a lot more energy (energy is life)

– Better circulation

– Healthier skin
– Better concentration and brain function
– Said “I just feel much better.”
“I looking forward to my sons school camp next month he has never known me to be this fit.
Thanks again Chad and please feel free to use this information anyway you see fit.”

With Cait and children Annabelle and Harley.

Yippie, after around 35 years Henry and I have crossed paths again. Henry went Primed and has lost 30 plus pounds, sleeps better and has more energy.

Henry is middle row 3rd boy and I’m bottom row 1st boy. Henry is loving his life with his family on the beautiful Queensland coast.

* I am convinced we meet people in our lives for a great reason. I am proud Primed can positively influence cool people from my past. Cecily is also Primed. @naomi.brummitt hugs to Dad.


Songs from when Henry and I were young friends:

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