Primed for your Life on The Chief Life podcast

This week we interview Chad Davis of Primed For Your Life. Chad is an advocate for healthy living and helps people live healthier more for filled lives. On this episode we dive deep into Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

PCOS is something that effects many women. In fact, you probably know multiple ladies who suffer from this syndrome. The good news is it can be cured and prevented through lifestyle and diet.

We dive into signs and symptoms of PCOS, foods to avoid as well as must have foods, exercises suitable for those with PCOS, therapy’s to use as well as the power of sunlight for all individuals.

This talk is very enlightening and positive for anyone who works with PCOS clients, has friends of]r family who suffer from PCOS, or want’s to help those with PCOS in general.

Listen here:

Find Chad:


“I hope a lot of women will try this lifestyle because I know a lot of women are suffering from PCOS and they’re having a hard time getting pregnant. It was just less than a month of being Primed for me! And tada!!!

After years of trying, we are suddenly expecting a baby this year! 

But really, thank you, Chad! Primed is the way to go! It is priceless!!! Our baby is definitely priceless! I can’t thank you enough, Chad for introducing this Lifestyle to us.”


“I had PCOS problem and I was taking medicines for that. Now for the past 3 months, I stopped taking Medicines and I am getting my periods regularly.

We are grateful to you.”

#onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter #primedforyourlife

“My OB performed an ultrasound and confirmed that I was actually having a normal period. She was so surprised because I never took any meds and because I had my period again only after a month. She confirmed that it was due to my lifestyle/diet change. She (my doctor) even gave me a go signal to continue on with whatever I was doing and even asked me what I did, so she can also advise her other patients who have PCOS to do what I did! The ultrasound results were very good! I have no cysts nor polyps or any abnormalities. Turns out I’m healthier than ever!”

If you wish to go Primed IT IS EASY.

It is simple and easy.

We meet personally (0929-421-2148) or via skype (primedforyourlife).

We negotiate a rate and terms you can afford. Never more. Price varies for this reason.

You start and life improves immediately.

I teach you the why, show you the how to and ensure the do.

It is ultimately easy and lasts a life time.

Return on investment is PRICELESS.

More important than the fuel is ensuring your engine works properly. Great fuel is wasted in a bad engine. The fun Primed lifestyle fixes your engine. Food fuel is #4 on your road to optimal health.

The Chief Life:




DysMENorrhea Reversed with a fun Primed lifestyle.

*** Princess has so many Primed benefits like:

* Better sleep quality;

* No jet lag from travel overseas;

* Stronger and better hair (me too Princess – Yippie);

* Better and more vibrant skin;

* No more dysmenorrhea;

* Much better overall energy (energy is life); and

* Loving the Primed food.



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