Primed Johnna and Marc are 60 pounds down and thriving. Also ready for their next Primed steps.

(1) A combined loss of 60 pounds with no exercise;

(2) Better skin;

(3) Normal period 4 Johnna;
(4) More energy for both;
(5) Positive comments loved;
(6) Better mood and brain;
(7) Healthier & happier;
(8) Know what to do to keep improving; and. (9) Enjoying their Primed Lifestyle that WILL produce a beautiful baby. Called Chad or Chadley. Haha.


Our first meeting was at The Wholesome Table.

All meetings after that were at Legazpi Sunday Market.

I am so proud and happy for Johnna and Marc. They are thriving.

A nice 1 minute video message here. Thanks Marc and Johnna.

They both love eggs and do not eat nutrient deficient breakfast cereal.

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