Bacalao Filipino Zudles with Steamed Eggs – Picture recipe. And Regular Intelligent Fasting tips.

Zudles are simply a zucchini cut into strips. Sauté onion and garlic in butter or vco and add Zudles for a minute. Simple. Salt and pepper too of course. Optional turmeric.

We always have steamed eggs and fish in olive oil in jars on hand. Connie’s Bacalao Filipino is spicy and tasty.

Add your eggs onto your Zudles. I enjoyed this dish cold.

Then put your tasty, spicy Bacalao Filipino on top of your eggs and/or Zudles.

These guys also have excellent Sardines in olive oil and grass-fed beef.

This is my one meal for the day. My 1 meal the day before was okra, grass-fed beef and atchara. Add bread and you reduce nutritional value. It is poisoned carbage.

Regular intelligent fasting should only be done once you are properly Primed and energized from your food, drinks, lifestyle and environment. It is not good for people who are overfed yet undernourished.

The best fasting is to have an early dinner or no dinner at all because your big breakfast and late lunch satiated and satisfied you. I tend to fast from 4pm till 8am which is 16 hours. This aids better autophagy whilst sleeping.

Another way to look at it is to say your eating window is from 8am until say 6pm.

Eat quality food like seafood, eggs, good fats like vco, grass fed meats, nuts, green veg etc.

Avoid processed nutrient and energy deficient stuff like veg oil, sugar, soy, grains, grain fed meat, low fat crud and other processed things made in a factory.

The best forms of nourishment are from the sun and helping people.

From Primed Jeric:

“Plans for the day… Positivity!! Depression, GONE! Anxiety attacks, ADIOS!! Hypertension, REVERSED!! Thanks Chad 😁😁


No more umbrella from the sun for this smart Filipino.

From Lance who I met whilst running to Makati at midday:

“Yesterday, when I was headed to my field work, someone approached me.

He shared some healthy tips but most of all, he appreciated my complexion and he did mention the “advantages” of having it. Thank you, Sir Chad for your kind words/infos and giving me another reason to be proud of who I am! Nice meeting you, Sir and hope to see you again

#sunshineisenergy☀️ #energyislife❤️ #sleepislife💤 #lifeissleep😴 #dopamine

A good listen:

This weeks episode with Chad Davis (@primedforyourlife) takes a deep dive into Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Find out signs and symptoms to look out for, foods to have and foods to avoid, exercise to try and exercise to keep away from, supplements and remedies to cure what ales you.


Listen in to episode #118 on your podcast app or via

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