Daily habit of Nitric Oxide Release sets, Gironda Dips, Spinning and VCO Oil Pulling

I do my Nitric Oxide release daily. It is like this:

1. 10 reps of squats;

2. 10 reps of each arm of standing marching with just my arms;

3. 10 reps of arm swing like a clock; and

4. 10 reps of celebrate by pushing arms towards the sky.

Do these exercise with your mouth closed so as to breathe only through your nose.

Start with just one set but build towards 3 or 4 or 5 as you become stronger. You can do these any time throughout your day.

Best to be done barefoot and in the sun. Facing the sun. Smiling. Aware of your surroundings. Mindful of all the beauty around you (hopefully).

I also do exercises of Gironda Dips and pull ups too occasionally.

Remember to Breathe through your nose only. Very good for you and so easy to do. I never exercise indoors any more and just do simple outdoor fun things like this:


Dr. Zach Bush is the doc who actually delivered lots of babies here in the Philippines. He subscribes to Primed principles.

I also do my Nitric Oxide Release whilst vco oil pulling for great oral health.

The best thing to see in the morning?

Your shadow and quality water. Thanks for great pic Che from Los Baños.

I have also included body spinning to my right as well as my daily gratitude exercise.

This is from a message we sent which shares the art and science of spinning the body for healings and mental awakenings.

Subject:  Spinning

From:  goodworksonearth.org

Organization:   Good Works On Earth








Greetings from Good Works On Earth

Spinning …

Our bodies are magnetic/electric.  Our cells are magnetic/electric in their functions.  Our bodies are sitting in the magnetic couch of Mother Earth’s magnetic field.  When we spin the body, clockwise, as if standing on a clock, 33 times, which is a Sacred Master Number, we are turning our magnetic cells inside the magnetic field of Mother Earth, and thereby spinning up their energies, just as a rotor in an electric generator spins the energies of the stator to make electricity.  This is an electrical surge of energy to the cells and they thank you greatly as you continue to do the spinnings each day, preferably when you arise, although there is no ‘perfect time’ to do the spinnings, not that I am aware of.  I like sunrise, sunset and high noon, full moon, new moon, equinox, solstice … and any time I need or want to balance myself.

Today’s Big Primed breakfast of Thai green curried cabbage with spinach and onions and gourmet daing fish.

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