One cool 20 minute Primed talk then 5 new Primed families THRIVING. Thanks Author Sha Nacino.

Primed Sha Nacino invited me to do a quick 20 minute talk at her Happiness workshop.

Sha has been Primed for just over a month and noticed improved:

  1. Skin quality;
  2. Energy;
  3. Peace of mind;
  4. Mental clarity;
  5. Sleep; and
  6. Overall confidence and vitality.

I met Sha because Primed Mike Grogan rocks.

Mike Grogan went Primed because Primed Marc rocks.

Because Sha has so much confidence in the Primed lifestyle she wants others to also benefit too. Very groovy.

So, who has gone Primed since my short talk?

Jane, ER and baby Arya.

Teachers Maira and Alma have. Both have improved energy, sleep and are now less hungry. Yippie.

Mae from When in Manila was already Primed. She reversed her PCOS and went from XL to medium and was mentioned in the talk Sha invited me to give.

Fabulous James and Jen went Primed because Sha rocks. They enjoyed what I had to say and we met at Edsa Shangri-La to have our first in-depth Primed seminar.

Is it expensive to go Primed? NEVER. Price is adjusted to YOUR budget. EVERYONE deserves to be healthier and happier.

This is my buddy and former Shanghai-La colleague Avie. She clearly follows Primed principles. Avie rocks.

Cool nurse Valerie also went Primed as a result of the talk I gave at the Happiness workshop of Author Sha Nacino.

Nurse Valerie said:

“It’s never too late to invest on your health. Just decided to start a Primed lifestyle with Chad. Grateful for having a coach who’s so passionate in sharing what he knows and who checks on me every time making sure I’m doing well with the program. With his holistic approach, I know I am on the right track. Thanks Chad! Can’t wait to see a healthier version of me!”

On the left my Mum is 60 with hypertension, type 2 diabetes and one too many chins. Haha. Love you Mum.

On the right my Mum is 75/or so with 30 pounds goneski. Type 2 diabetes and hypertension also REVERSED.

One of the stories I told was a simple one of my day the day before my Primed talk.

  • It was where I ran 20km in the sun to and from North Edsa to see Primed nurse Jane from Sydney who is thriving Primed. Besides losing almost 20 pounds with no exercise she has improved skin, sleep, energy and mental cognition.
  • I coincidentally saw Primed Revelyn who had her beautiful baby Rain after years of trying just 2 months after adopting the Primed lifestyle.
  • Revelyn’s hubby spotted me because I was punching the air with glee after receiving a text from Nurse Joy saying her sugars are normal with no more type 2 diabetes. Nurse Joy saves Php. 4K per month by no longer needing any meds. This took just 6 weeks.
  • When I got home my great mate told me I have a great chance of getting a big corporate account (my specialty) because of how they see him Primed and because of his ringing endorsement.
  • What a great day.

Thanks to Sha and Mike and Marc.

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