How to get more okra in your life. Okra rocks: A quality carbohydrate.

OKRA Rocks – How to eat more!


Okra rocks

We love our Okra steamed for 7 minutes. Simple. I steam my eggs for 8!

Steamed Bagna Caude dish okra 1

Add Okra to your Primed Omelette

Sardine Dishes5

Add Okra to your Primed Kimbap Wraps

Ciara and Oscar kimbap wrap

Add Okra to your Primed Cabbage dishes

okra dish3

Add Okra to your Primed Vegetable Kinilaw dishes

Filipino Kinilaw4

Add Okra to your Primed squash, sardines, onion and garlic.

Primed Sardines with Roasted Vegetables2

Add Okra to your Primed Open faced omelette.

Sardines Primed11

Add Okra to your Primed Pinakbet

Arnold Pakbet

Add Okra to any zudle dish.

Sardines Primed9

Add Okra to Primed Korean quiche.

Sardines Primedfi

Add Okra to your sardines in olive oil

Sardines Primed14

Add Okra to your steamed egg dishes

Steamed fi

Add Okra as part of your vegetables to dip in your Primed Bagna Caude sauce

Bagna Cause1 - Pope Francis

Add Okra to your home-made tomato sauce with zudles and Bagna Caude sauce

Add Okra to your Filipino Fried “Rice”

Filipino Fried Rice1

Add Okra to bacon. Yum.


Bacon funny quote

Add Okra to your life.

Jane and John Primed

Primed helps you to be healthier and happier.

Primed reverses

Pre-diabetes reversed

Leo and Darlene1



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