A Healthier Home Leads to a Healthier Family – Part 1

Some things such as city pollution and traffic stress are out of our control. However, we are in control of what we place in our mouths and what goes into our homes.  To feed our bodies we aim to be Primed and take great care to eat nutritiously, but what about what goes on your body and in via other ways besides food (toothpaste and perfumes for example)?   Can these have a harmful affect on your body?

Healthy Home, Healthy Family2

Your skin is your largest organ and easily absorbs chemicals and other harmful products that come into contact with it.  When your skin absorbs these harmful products it then is absorbed into your blood stream.  Your mouth is also a direct route to your blood stream.

With this in mind, here are some easy to implement tips to lessen your (and that of your family) contact with harmful products that can have negative health consequences on your hormones, body and mind.  Bear in mind that children and youths are at a greater risk than adults.

Healthy Home, Healthy Family4

1. No Fabric Softener

Who knows what chemicals go into making fabric softener but I bet they are not as healthy or effective as the following simple way to get soft and fluffy towels.

Simply add your cap of Vinegar to your 1 liter of water and add to your rinse cycle after your wash cycle.

Healthy home equals healthy family

2. No Deodorant and Perfumes

Any one who knows Natasha and I know we do not smell bad.  We actually smell good!  We avoid deodorants and perfumes that clog our pores and allow who-knows-what direct access to our blood stream.  By doing this we lessen irritants on our skin that can cause rashes and allergies.

Imagine how much money you can save by not buying these products that are actually not even good for you?  I cannot even read the ingredients properly on my now redundant deodorant, but the one I could distinguish was “Aluminium”. I am certain that is not good for me.

Aluminium pic

Aluminium makes the above cans of soft drink that most health conscious people are avoiding completely now.  Maybe the soft drink manufacturers own deodorant companies and found a sneaky way to get rid of their extra cans!

3. Brush Your Teeth with This Occasionally for Whiter Teeth

Clean and shiny white teeth are desired my most people and this is a result of the food you eat (too much sugar and you’ll have no teeth!) and how you brush your teeth and with what products.

Coconut oil has so many wonderful uses from cooking to cleaning with another being that it is a good product with which to brush your teeth.

As I write this post now I am gargling and swishing coconut oil in my mouth like they do in the mouth wash commercials.  However, unlike their products mine is a healthier one.  See if you even know half of the ingredients and chemicals that go into those mouth washes!  I will gargle for 15 minutes (is good to do whilst busy cooking) before spitting out.  Don’t swallow. This will help with mouth freshness and cleanliness.

Healthy Home, Healthy Family7

I also brush with Virgin Coconut Oil and a  pinch of Himalayan Salt.  Here is a great place to but all things coconut.  We also buy coconut items from Landmark.  My “well regarded” toothpaste has almost 15 ingredients including “flavors”.  What does that even mean? I am guessing it means chemicals.

Please see this site for another recipe that you might wish to experiment with until you find one that suits you.  This other recipe here includes Baking Soda but we only use Baking Soda as a cleaning agent and not even for baking.

4. Baking Soda as a Cleaning Product Instead of Chemical Laden OnesThat Are Hormone Disrupting

As mentioned, Baking Soda is a favorite of ours, but only for cleaning and not cooking.  We use it to cut through the grease of our bacon frying tray or other such greasy items.  After frying our good quality bacon we then also pour the fat into a jar (then goes in the fridge after cooling) so we can cook our onions and garlic in it later.  Remember, good fats are good for you.

Healthy Home, Healthy Family6

5. Electro-Magnetic Fields

Did you know that France has banned wifi in all schools due to the unknown affect they have on young, growing brains (any brains for that matter).

We switch off our router at night and have our router in the furthest place in our home away from our bedrooms.  Also, don’t leave your phone any where near your head whilst sleeping.

Healthy Home, Healthy Family5

A healthy home is full of the sound of laughter and people playing (adults and children alike). Once we realized our darling Christian was using his toy holder as a climbing rack we removed it from his bedroom immediately.  Cute to do but to dangerous with many a child injured in such a way.  Examine your TV cabinet etc. for all possible occurrences.

A healthy home often has a cute dog and/or cat as they are great company, are great to walk for exercising you both (not the cat of course) and you just cannot be stressed or angry when you pat them. Right?

Weekly Healthier Home Leads to a Healthier Family Series

This will be the first installment of our weekly series aimed at making your home, and even workplace, healthier and happier.  Do you have any tips to share?  Please email me directly to chad.davis.1@gmail.com or CONTACT US HERE.  Cheers.

Featured image from this site: www.tadayumeko-bo.com

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