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10 Ways on How to Beat Your Bad “Food” Temptations for a Healthier Life

How To Avoid the Temptation of Bad “Food” Like Substances

Adam had a hard time saying no to Eve’s apple. Imagine if she offered a doughnut? The battle would be declared no contest as the sight, smell and allure of a doughnut can be too great to resist.

Well, no.

Once you know that a doughnut is not food, know the DISGUSTING ingredients that comprise this food like substance and fully appreciate that with each greasy bite you are harming your body and your brain and that your life expectancy is reduced you will say no to eating the doughnut.

Over-fed and under-nourished89

Or just keep eating it and perhaps join the other obese, diabetic, hypertensive and ill people that are growing in epidemic numbers.

Is it still worth it?

Why do you still eat it even though you know the vegetable oils could give you a heart attack, the chemicals and other harmful ingredients hurt you and that it will make you fat, sick and ultimately not happy?


(1) Of your sugar addiction (if you can kick the sugar it is easier to give up your other addictions);

(2) It is right there in front of you calling out “Eat me, eat me”;

(3) Someone bought it for you (are they doing you a favor?);

(4) You actually are ignorant of the harmful affects it does to you; and/or

(5) You actually don’t care how you look, feel and simply live for the moment regardless of the negative consequences.

Doughnut crud

Here are some tactics to fight the evil doughnut monster (and other bad processed “foods”):

(1) Write down how bad it makes you feel. Write out the note and keep it in your pocket and read it daily;

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