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The Power of Primed – Love Elise and her Mum Cheryll.

Am so happy that I just cried. Here’s why I am so passionate & why I never give up on anyone. We deserve to be healthy and happy.

“We do…u know what…one of reason that my daughter immune system getting stronger because of Primed and good pattern of sleep..her doctor consider her terminal stage though but now she eat well tryng to sit on her own…even her pedia neuro were happy of elise positive progress…1 month no siezure….cheers.”

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Ciara and Oscar Elise

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SGV Primed Seminar Already Has Fabulous Health Outcomes for their staff

Attorney Allan said he had more energy after just a couple weeks Primed

I had a lot of fun helping the champs from SGV. Allan said he has MORE ENERGY already.

My reply here: “Dear Allan,

Your increased energy is very SIGNIFICANT.

Energy is life so you are now living better.

SGV Primed talk energy

That is critical for you and the ones you love.

Help yourself even more and help them to more energy / life.

This is what we need. Not more stuff.



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Fabulous Janet Said She is Less Hungry and Feels More Energy

(and a sense of pride in feeding her family well – that rocks):

“Just to share, on the same day that you had a talk, I went to S&R in the evening and bought 2 dozens of eggs, 2 bags of spinach and 1 bottle of olive oil. Had my spinach omelette in the next 3 days for breakfast. Perfect timing, my in-laws were in town that weekend and they actually like the spinach omelette. Good impression, don’t you think? That Im feeding their son and grandchildren healthy food hehe 🙂 
Well, some small steps that I can share.
–  Previously, I limit myself to one egg in the morning. Now, I usually have 2 specially for my spinach omelette – this is actually my breakfast this morning 🙂


  • Primed food is nutritious, delicious and filling. Food is simply one way of many to gain energy. There are easy ways to be drained of energy too.

SGV seminar

Primed Judith is always with me at Primed seminars. Judith reversed hypertension & improved her health significantly. Judith has then influenced / inspired THOUSANDS to better health and increased happiness. That is from where true happiness is derived.

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Helping Chad to Help Others

I have included a “Donate” button on my Primed for your Life blog site due to popular demand.

A large number of people have requested that I have this facility so they can express their appreciation for the passion I have placed into Primed with my ability to help others live longer and better.

Primed reverses

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