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Chef Ferdie is Rocking His Primed Lifestyle

My mate Primed Ferdie Agustin rocks.



We met because I was his teacher at Enderun Colleges in and around 2007.


It gives me immense joy that Ferdie and family are now Primed, loving it and doing great.

Primed Ferdie 

  • Ferdie has hair that is thicker, nails that are stronger and skin that is more supple.


  • Ferdie is already playing better golf and enjoying it more
  • Lost more than 18 pounds in less than 3 weeks. 
  • Is recovering better from his golf
  • Tried playing golf in a fasted state (only possible once Primed and detrimental to your health to try if you are a malnourished sugar burner eating cheapo carbos in a bad environment).
  • Found his creativity is enhanced while playing keyboards at Hai Chix and Steaks
  • Has no more panic attacks/anxiety that would occasionally creep up on him
  • Has much better energy levels that are sustained the whole day
  • Enjoys not using crappy chemically laden sunscreen whilst playing golf


  • Is feeling more energized throughout the entire day
  • Is loving his Primed food like Ferdie’s Primed Garlic Prawns with Bok Choy

Chef Ferdie

  • Is less irritable and feeling stress less
  • Has improved sleep
  • Enjoys walking in the sun more
  • Less aches and pains from life
  • Better taste buds when tasting Hai Chix & Steaks food items for quality control

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