Primed Plong reversing psoriasis and is chasing the sun. Plong rocks and is enjoying cold thermogenesis.

Plong loves the sun. Plong looks more vibrant and energized. Is it a coincidence that her Filipino skin is darker?

Plong rocks and has done the following:

  1. Turning wi-fri off at night;
  2. Is enjoying eating more seafood, eggs, green veg, nuts (not peanuts), turmeric and high energy, quality food;
  3. Might start using iris software. See link:
  4. Will continue to chase the sun and be even more dark skinned. The darker your skin becomes the more sun you need. Yippie. Sunshine is energy and energy is life; and
  5. Will continue to practice cold thermogenesis. This rocks. CT speeds your electron flow in your body. It helps you sleep. Sleep is when you repair your body and brain.
  • It is also cool to add Epsom salts to your cold or warm bath.
  • Plong could also use blue light blocking glasses and tape her mouth shut at night to promote more nose breathing.

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