The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – 20 Ways to reduce your wi-fi, cell phone and electricity pollution exposure.

20 Ways to reduce wi-fi exposure / non-native electromagnetic fields (nn-EMF)

Native electromagnetic fields (EMF) provided from the sun and ground are natural and what mankind evolved with.

Non-native EMF (nn-EMF) is man-made and not natural to our biology. These nn-EMFs do not exist in nature. They actually damage our genetic DNA and our expression of that DNA.

Nobody is silly enough to sleep under a cell phone tower. I think it is universally known that that would not be a healthy place to sleep.

So, imagine sleeping near a wi-fi router that is on or sleeping with your cell phone near your body?

nn-EMF upregulates carbohydrate metabolism (your body produces sugar without eating any). nnEMF also opens your blood brain barrier, destroys sleep, ruins your inner mitochondrial membraine (energy production) and a lot more deleterious effects.

nn-EMF can also increase blood pressure, dehydrate you and other serious health consequences. We all know it would not be wise to sleep underneath a cell phone tower yet we are effectively doing this by having wi-fi on at  night, sleeping near our cell phones and living in a high-rise building clustered together with lots of other people with all their “polluting” devices.

nn-EMF includes cell phones, x-box, wi-fi routers, cell towers, tablets, smart meters, smart homes, apple watches, FitBits, baby monitors, BlueTooth and other wireless technology.

nn-EMF causes dysfunctional cells to multiply and grow out of control in your body. They cause cancer. Dr. Doug Wallace has proven cancer and other diseases are mitochondrial (energy production) in nature and not by genetic DNA causes. He estimates it is 85% caused by mitochondrial DNA issues and 15% genetic DNA issues.

This invisible nn-EMF pollution affects your energy production and flow. It causes dehydration and inflammation. Just because you cannot see it does not mean your body (mitochondria) does not become affected by it.

  1. To minimize the negative effects of wi-fri go for the 3 Ds: Distance, Duration and Disconnect.
  2. Go wired instead of wireless. It is faster and better.
  3. Try and avoid owning a phone with wi-fri capabilities. Use it less if you must have one.
  4. Look to have more times throughout the day without your devices nearby. Try and have a habit of scheduling light breaks throughout your day.
  5. Avoid wireless hotspots like malls, airports etc. My name for a shopping mall is a cancer center and with very good reason unfortunatley.
  6. Do not use wireless baby monitors.
  7. Use your microwave oven as a stand up desk only and never plug it in or use it. This device not only ruins your food it does the same to your mitochondria which are our cell’s energy dynamos.
  8. Do not use bluetooth enabled technology.
  9. Sleep on a non-metal bed and mattress with no springs.
  10. Do not use a FitBit or Apple watch which harms your cell biology every second you wear it.
  11. Aim to live in smaller cities and move away from cities that have 5G if you can.
  12. When using your computer try and use it only on battery mode and not whilst plugged in to the electric system. Use a wired mouse and wired keyboard where possible.
  13. Never have your laptop on your lap or close to your skin. Rememebr the 3 Ds and take sunlight and grounding breaks as you batch your work on the computer.
  14. Consider buying a Defender Pad for your laptop.
  15. Look into getting iris software on your computer.
  16. nn-EMF causes inflammation and calcium eflux in a cell thus making your bones weak so try and get grounded and into nature throughout the day when having to use your technology.
  17. nn-EMF dehydrates you so drink more quality water whilst indoors using your devices.
  18. Your wi-fri must be turned off at night so you can repair and regenerate optimally.
  19. Analyse your sleeping environment and ensure minimal pollution from cell phones (out of room), wi-fri ( turned off and unplugged ) and as many electrical devices turned off and unplugged. Pay attention to what surrounds your bedroom and what is outside too. I use a tri-field electro pollution meter to check the safety of my environment monthly.
  20. Revisit your goals, your job and your life. Having lots of cash from a night shift job is not compatible with a goal of health and being energized. Do not make any rash decisions but consider your current situation and your options.


My story:

I was lucky to grow up in a time without cell phones, wi-fri and computers. Most of the fun I had was playing tennis outdoors, playing cricket with friends, running around outside and having fun this way. My young mitochondria was robust and the environment in the US, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia in my formative years was pretty good. It was natural.

Most children these days are mainly indoors on gadgets, have cell phones and their main education and enjoyment is through a computer screen. This is unnatural and the youth of today have more health issues with many in the obese range even before becoming teenagers. They are reaching puberty early (not normal) and autism is rising alarmingly.

Yes, the food is not as good and the air quality not quite as it was. However, I believe the major impact is the fact that we are living more of an indoor, artificial existance. This indoor life sees us bombarded by fake light, wi-fri radiation, cell phone signal radiation and the plethora of electrical gadgets and devices that also impact on our cellular biology (mitochondria).

When we are in this indoor pollution we are no longer in what is the driving force of life on the planet (the sun). We are not in nature doing natural things.

Everyday is a challenge to remain natural and get into nature. It is why I love hard covered books. Why I am typing this outdoors at my daughter’s school in Manila. I also strive to ensure my children do more outdoor activities too.


Jodelle tells the true story about her daughter not sleeping very well as a baby. The very day she turned the wi-fri off as her baby slept her sleep improved. The critical ingredients for a baby’s growth and development are Mother’s milk (50% fat = high energy), sunlight and sleep. If their sleep is compromised so too is their development. What affects their little brains and bodies includes a parent using a cell phone near their body, baby monitors, wi-fri, electrical devices, indoor lighting and other fake gadgets and things. Heating anything in a microwave is not good for the ingredients in the microwave or anybody standing near the microwave. This is easily proven with an electro pollution meter.

Food for thought?:

Why has France and many progressive European countries banned wi-fri in schools?

Schools should go back to being wired. Households too.

See the light:

Natural light contains all the colors of the rainbow. It is natural. Fake screens and overhead lights are predominantly blue light. This is not good for our eyes, brains, body, mitochondria, sleep and life.

Did you know?:

Russian astronaut Valery Polyakov went to space for 14 months and lost close to 80% of his bone density.

Take action:

Use your gadgets less. Do more outdoor activities.

Downgrade your cell phone to a cheaper one.

Turn off wi-fri at night until you revert back to being wired and not wireless.

Sleep earlier and get your natural sleep cycles more in sync with the sun rise and set.

Turn off and unplug all electrical devices you do not need. Use your microwave for a stand up desk only.

Join the group called

Why did Steve Jobs die at the age of 56 from pancreatic liver cancer and not allow his children to use his devices?

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