Primed Sean Anthony was Philippine Basketball Association 2019 defensive player of the year.

Congratulations Sean Anthony.


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Sean and Theresa love Primed organic virgin coconut oil.

Sean Anthony and his family went Primed over 4 years ago in December 2015.

My favorite restaurant is The Wholesome Table. Bianca Araneta-Elizalde introduced me to Teresa Herrera-Anthony and Sean Anthony (in the background of this picture) at their Salcedo branch. Now they are both going Primed. That’s cool. Thanks Bianca.

Always great catching up with health coach @primedforyourlife . Talked about biohacking, nutrition, and @philippinesnatural . Thanks for breakfast Chad. 

Easily ran a fast 8km to see Primed pro super athlete @seananthony_10 This guy rocks and seeks to be Better Every Day.
I ran fasted with my previous meal 24 hours earlier. Too easy.
Then broke my fast with tuyo, sardines and leafy greens. Kang kong rocks.  Food is important for health but not that important. Of our ATP for the day a mere 1/3 is derived from food. Sean knows.

Sean Anthony is a star athlete and person. #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter

Which one of these guys has eaten 20 eggs for breakfast? Tall Sean Anthony’s record is 8. Christian’s record is 20 eggs. Both are Primed champs. 

Sean knows eggs rock.

His beautiful wife Theresa knows organic virgin coconut oil rocks too.

Congratulations to new Daddy (again) Sean Anthony. He and the beautiful Teresa have a little brother for Ace. Another cool Primed baby. Yippie. Sean was also top 10 for the PBA in 2016. His greatest achievement is being a great man, husband and Dad. Sean is the definition of champion. #seananthony_10 #primedforyourlife #primedbaby 

Cool families go Primed.

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Hi, I am Chad. Feel free to email me at or Skype at primedforyourlife

Just message me if you want to be Primed like Sean Anthony and thousands of other people worldwide.

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