Primed Dutchess reversed PCOS. Has a beautiful baby already. She is sleeping earlier and better. That’s crucial.

Primed update: Dutches and Nate are now Primed parents. After having PCOS then reversing it with her Primed lifestyle they are now proud parents. So cool.

Primed Dutchess and Nate are improving their lives. Their baby might even be called Chad or Chadly. Haha.

Please remember, sleep is the key.

Get more great energy from your sunlight exposure, quality water, grounding / Earthing, food and positive thoughts.

This energy is wasted if you do not sleep properly.

You only repair, lose weight, get stronger, get smarter etc. when you sleep well in a good environment.

Things that help you sleep include:

  • Getting morning sun in your eyes;
  • Having a picnic lunch in Ortigas Park;
  • Walking in the sun;
  • Not eating late food (eat more earlier during daylight hours);
  • Reading a book before bed;
  • Having a nice massage from your partner;
  • Unplugging most electrical devices in your bedroom;
  • Playing chess instead of using Facebook;
  • Having a gratitude journal and filling it in in the morning and before bed;
  • Getting sun breaks throughout the day; and
  • Knowing the value of sleep and prioritising it.
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