Primed Roel has gratitude. He rocks. Roel is very smart already and getting smarter. Wow. So cool. So happy. He wants his staff to be Primed too. Yippie.

Cool Author Roel:

  1. Has not had rice since going Primed on June 6th. It is not that rice is so bad. It is that Roel can eat better nutrition for his brain and body with green veg, eggs and seafood;
  2. Because of his more nutrient dense and energetic food Roel is a lot less hungry. He is more nourished and therefore is thinking of food less and helping others more;
  3. Roel no longer uses sleeve arm covers when he bikes. This allows him to get more energy from the sun on his arms. It is also stored energy for repair when he sleeps;
  4. Is preparing to write his 24th book due to being more energized and said he will write a little dedication to me and the Primed lifestyle. Wow. I am honoured. So cool that Roel has such fabulous gratitude. That is big;
  5. Roel is inspiring his family members and staff;
  6. Roel cares so much for his staff that he wants them to also enjoy the benefits of being Primed. They will also be more productive too;
  7. Roel has improved energy and is more productive;
  8. Roel has better mental cognition and is generating better ideas;
  9. Roel has lost 2 pounds off his belly and will keep losing more with his great habits; and
  10. Is loving the sun and sleeping far better. The sun on your skin helps you sleep. Sleep is life and life is sleep.

Next step for Roel could be to try cold thermogenesis.

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