10 Great Reasons to Visit The Wholesome Table. Now also in Alabang.

The Wholesome Table is my absolute favorite restaurant in the Philippines.

Here’s 10 great reasons for you to celebrate life with your loved ones at The Wholesome Table.

1. The Wholesome Table is at BGC. There are 4 convenient locations all with excellent ambiance, service and food.

2. Besides BGC, The Wholesome Table also has a branch in Salcedo Village. It has the great food you have come to expect but also a rocking atmosphere. We love it.

3. The Wholesome Table is also now in Alabang.

I am so glad Juan and Bianca Elizalde opened a The Wholesome Table at Rockwell in Makati.

It is a favorite place for me to catch up with my cool Primed clients like Judith Staples.

4. The food can be enjoyed by the whole family

My darlings love their Wholesome Meatloaf. A lot.

They also love their bacon and juices for breakfast. This was the morning I met Sean and Teresa Anthony. So glad Sean went Primed and is loving it.

5. The ambiance rocks. Their beautiful decors help you to relax you as soon as you enter.

Primed Mt. Labo had their “Primed graduation” lunch there and the atmosphere was super.

6. Their organic salads are super fresh and tasty.

7. Their grass-fed beef tends to be the only beef I eat these days. I also love their Salmon.

8. You can buy Wholesome spirulina for your Primed Smoothies there. As well as other goodies to take-away.

Please see Primed Dr. Annabelle Very Green Nutrient Loaded Smoothie here.

9. They let us take our pork chop bone home that I then used to make a delicious Primed Bone Broth.

10. The food is excellent.

Please see my previous The Wholesome Table review here.

Please see their facebook page here.

The Final Words

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