Picnics rock. Our picnic food was great but the conversation and company outstanding. Primed Mike and I had another great picnic lunch. Not a cell phone in sight. Just great conversation.

Another week and another picnic. Where you eat might matter more than what you eat. When you eat with a GREAT person your food tastes better.

Cool Primed Mike and I enjoyed zudles with Down to Earth sardines in olive oil. Mike’s meal included a poached egg. We also shared a Primed a Primed brownie and cookie.

This cool cat was grounding like I did too. His tongue was out more than Mikes. Three people walked past and patted the cat. Two people walked past and patted Mike. No one patted me. So sad.

I was reading my favorite book by Mike Grogan while waiting in the sun for Mike. I am even featured in the book. Cool.

Delicious and nutritious meal was Primed zudles with sardines and a poached egg.

We had a nice view of green grass and fun people walking past. Do not forget to look up.

Love Primed Mary. Mary is morena and proud. Primed morena Mary ROCKS. R.O.C.K.S.

I am always saddened by “brain washed” TROPICAL Filipinos who are scared of the sun. This is so sad.

Stay on the grass. Stop covering your solar panel. Think.

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