Reversing Type 2 Diabetes already after just 1 week. No gym, no supplements, no meds and no worries. Just a fun Primed lifestyle.

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes with a fun Primed lifestyle:

“Hi Chad, I was shocked to check this morning that my blood sugar is even less than when I was taking my doctor-prescribed meds and following their ‘diabetic’ diet 😱 I’m ecstatic to see where I will be next week and the weeks to come. I’ve been having brunch where you suggested to this week and feel even better.”

Kristella is 1 week into her fun and easily sustained Primed lifestyle. She is already saving time and money as she reversed her condition. It is not genetic but caused by environment, lifestyle, food and drinks. Therein lays the solution. #primedreversestype2diabetes #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter

You cannot reverse your condition in the same environment you got it. It is not genetic based (generally speaking) but due to your mitochondria. It is due to environment, lifestyle, food and drinks.

Primed Zoella enjoyed these benefits above within a week too.

Once Primed you will learn all you need to know to help yourself and your family too.

You will learn that food is around number 4 in importance on your fun journey to optimal health.

Here are some nutritious and delicious food items to improve your brain and body.

For optimal health food is a maximum of #4. Exercise is #104. Only exercise if energized. Never ever at the expense of sleep. Sleep must be a priority after exercise. Never fuelled with carbage. Never exercise at the wrong time or the wrong environment (ie most gyms). I can easily explain to anyone within 2 minutes that food is #4. #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter

How much does Primed cost?


Return is priceless.

Cost is a simple negotiation as to what you can afford.

Price varies and is simply negotiated after our chat.

My cell is 0929-421-2148.

Once Primed the positive health rewards happen within 2 days.

It is a fun and natural lifestyle sustainable for a better and longer life.

You will actually save time and money.



One of my proudest accomplishments is assisting my Mum to be smarter, stronger, healthier and happier. I love that. Sonja reversed Type 2 (&3) Diabetes and hypertension at the age of 75. Now kicking arse at 77 years young. What is your excuse? It is not genetic. It is mitochondrial. It is what YOU DO in your environment. You control it. You can reverse it. Not possible if you believe drug pushing docs unfortunately. If I could go back in time my pilot 👨‍✈️ Dad would still be alive and kicking. #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter #mitochondriac #deuteriumdepletion #energyislife❤️

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