Primed Vegetable Kinilaw prepared for cd&a. We will have a nice follow up meeting and lunch to discuss Primed success stories after their seminar.

I bought some nice onion, garlic and ginger at the Sunday Legazpi Market. I always go barefoot, do Nitric Oxide release exercises in the adjacent park along with my 33 right hand spins. It is fun.

Thoroughly clean all vegetables. Vegetables are carbohydrates. Tomatoes are a fruit. Fruits are also carbohydrates. Grains are also carbohydrates. Most grains in the US, Australia and the Philippines are POISONED with GLYPHOSATE before harvest. This makes them CARBAGE.

It took me a long time to chop all this veg. I did it standing up and using only the natural light from the window in front of me. I also listened to my favorite podcast for entertainment.

I chopped extra for my children to have with their broccoli that I also bought from the market.

To start my Primed Vegetable Kinilaw

I mixed the onion, garlic and ginger in a big container. Then I poured in apple cider vinegar, lime juice and olive oil.

This dish will be fabulous when I add in fresh tomato, cucumber, pomelo, steamed eggs and sardines in olive oil.

You can also add anchovies, radish, ampalaya and your favorite ingredients.

You can also add fresh fish of course. For h9me delivery of fresh fish try Fishmongers Daily Catch (see below for details).

Fishmongers Daily Catch details:

I hope the cool staff of cd&a are enjoying their fun Primed lifestyle changes and that they will enjoy their Primed lunch and discussion with me.

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