Eric ERUPTION and Rona Tai are ROCKING Their Primed Life. Healthier and Happier. An amazing couple.

 Rona and Eric ROCK.

Rona Tai Makati Shang

Some of the Health Benefits Enjoyed by Rona and Eric

  • Crippling anxiety disappeared after 2 weeks Primed for Rona
  • Debilitating and dangerous sleep apnea reversed

  • From Rona: “primedforyourlife has helped me reverse my sleep apnea and has helped my panic attacks that used to occur almost everyday!

  • Peace of mind in knowing they now have a sustainable Lifestyle for life
  • Less cravings
  • Better sleep
  • Huge jump in energy (energy is life)
  • Improved moods
  • Better use of time (anything lost can be found again except time wasted)
  • Better skin
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Not hungry but satiated and satisfied with their Primed nutrition
  • Loving the sun

  • Pride and joy in helping other friends to be Primed. Like Anne and family and Mafae and family
  • Enjoying having even more gratitude in their lives
  • Enjoying egg yolks (yes the yellow part of the egg is good)


From Rona:
“Start your day with positivity. Positive mind set goes a very along way. So today I surrounded myself with things that I love! (My husband is still asleep)
That’s what living #primedforyourlife Chad Davis is all about.”

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words:

Eruption Tai before and after

January 2017 Eric was not Primed but in July Eric was Primed. 

Rona and Eric Love to Enjoy Great Food in a Great Environment

Rona Tai food

Gratitude in the Mother of all virtues. Without gratitude you will never achieve true happiness.

Rona Tai food1

“Having a #primedforyourlife Morning!

Milk Fish Omelette by @gourmadebychefroblau

“Bangus” by @neneprimefoods

And an amazing dose of Vitamin D 🌞🌞🌞

What’s living Primed? 
Check out @primedforyourlife

This Salmon Ceviche we had for @mayannerenner ‘s bday was 😱😱😱super good! 👏🏽👏🏽 bravo @thewholesometable
Rona Tai swim

THE BEST tasting Tinapa & Bangus! #cravings

@neneprimefoods @pbb1nene

#food #foodporn #healthyfood


Rona said:

“It was an amazing opportunity to share how @primedforyourlife has helped me reverse my sleep apnea and has helped my panic attacks that used to occur almost everyday! #primedforyourlife.”

We spent our time helping Makati Shangri-La’s Health Club clients

Rona Tai seminar

  • Oops, I forgot to mention funny. Rona & Eric are a hoot. Inspirational, knowledgeable, cool and funny. We had a blast as guest speakers at the Makati Shangri-La, Manila Global Wellness Day 2017. 

#gratitudeisthemotherofallvirtues #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter#sunshineisenergy #energyislife


Rona Tai fun

We share because we care.


The slide Eric is showing says:


  • Energy;
  • Moods;
  • Mental clarity;
  • Sleep;
  • Thoughts;
  • Use of time;
  • Bowels;
  • Skin;
  • Peace of mind; and 
  • Life”

Rona and Eric rocked The Amazing race Asia


Once Primed you learn that food is simply #4 on your road to optimal health. We must nourish body & brain.

Sick vs healthy

Eruption tai


There is NOTHING better than helping others after helping yourself to better health and happiness.

  • Pride and joy in helping other friends to be Primed. Like Anne and family and Mafae and family.

Mafae Belasco Went Primed Because of Rona and Eric

Rona Tai Mafae

Had a fun hour sharing Primed with some @mafaemanagement staff. From left to right is Mafae ( @mafaeb ) Ahmed, Mark & Kevin.

Rona tai mafae1

They are all going Primed. Why? Because they want to live longer, better lives. And to help the ones they love do the same. 🙂

#primedforyourlife #primednutritionfeedsyourbrain#onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter#mafaemanagement — with Mafae Yunon-Belasco.

Anne and her family and house helper Jane are THRIVING too.



Janella also reversed teenage sleep apnea.


Zachary also enjoys having more energy just like Rona and Eric.


Jezreel has peace of mind too. That’s a biggie.


Interested in going Primed like Rona and ERUPTION?

Text me at 0929-421-2148 or email at and skype of primedforyourlife. 


·        Primed is a template for more energy, better brain, body, immune system and improved overall health and happiness

·        Within a week you will notice improved outcomes

·       The return on your investment is PRICELESS

·        It will help your children’s children

·        The support is ongoing and unlimited as I will ALWAYS be there to help

·        I even include your immediate family so they will know better and can make more informed health decisions

·        Mistakes are cool but we learn from them

·        It is not a religion but a guideline

·        The more you do right the more wriggle room you have to do “wrong”

·        The healthier you get the more you want to improve and the more you will do “right”

·        The Primed knowledge is PRICELESS (worth repeating)

·        Once you have helped yourself to a healthier and happier lifestyle it is incumbent upon you to then help others

·        Set the right example, direct them to Primed, be proudly Primed and give your improved energies and brain functioning to those who need assistance

·      The true path to happiness is not in getting more STUFF but in helping others.

Rona Tai Primed


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