Primed Cabbage Cups. A fun recipe to enjoy.

We love cabbage. It is not expensive and very nutritious.


I also love fermented cabbage and Korean kimchi too.

Cabbage Cups fermented


  • Cabbage
  • Onion and garlic
  • Home-made tomato sauce
  • Other Primed ingredients like sardines, cheese, quality vegetables etc.



  • Simply put a whole cabbage in your steamer and steam.
  • As the leaves fall off the whole cabbage simply remove from the steamer.
  • Keep going until all cabbage leaves have come apart.
  • Check all individual cabbage leaves / cups to see they are steamed enough because you might need to steam some a little longer.

Cabbage cups1

  • Place your cabbage cups aside with some into the fridge for another day.
  • Place other cabbage cups onto a baking tray to then add your Primed ingredients inside.
  • This dish can be served sold with sardines and home-made tomato sauce for example.
  • You can oven bake the Cabbage Cups with grilled cheese.

Cabbage Cups6

My Cabbage Cups 3 Ways

  1. With home-made tomato sauce with tuna
  2. With home-made tomato sauce with tuyo
  3. With home-made tomato sauce with sardines and grilled cheese

Cabbage Cups8

I also love cabbage with salemipina sauce, sardines and onion and garlic.

Cabbage Saemipina2

When you eat your food matters.

Cabbage Cups7

With whom you eat and where also matters.

Cabbage Saemipina5


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