Beautifully Nutritious Primed Food from Dax in Singapore

If you love your kids. Feed them with optimal nutrition. Go Primed. Chad Davis
Cauliflower fried rice, quality bacon, kyuri, bell pepper, spinach. Himalayan salt.

After work, need to prepare a Primed meal for my princess Sofia Ysabel. No cheap carbo.
Eggs, sardines, cream cheese and sauteed spinach for breakfast. And for lunch: zoodles – zucchini noodles, shiitake mushrooms. Once you know better you’ll go Primed.
Chad Davis.

Dax rocks. We are former colleagues at Makati Shangri-La.

Dax food 3

Lunch is ready for my Primed Princess Sofia. Butternut Squash, Kyuri, Alla’ Amatriciana. No cheap carbo. Just Optimum Nutrition. Chad Davis

Dax squash2

She’s so Primed. Banana Pancakes with Dominican Dark Chocolate.
Simple recipe: Banana, egg, almond, chocolate, butter – its flourless. Super Nutritious. Chad Davis

Dax Banana muffin

Kale Kimchi Salad Aged Prosciutto.
Optimum nutrition. Go Primed. Chad Davis

Dax Salad1

Dax salad2

Away from home. Primed lunch.
No cheap Carbo! More eggs, salted eggs. Thanks Chad Davis

Dax salad3

Great lunch today when in Manila. My version of Ratatouille. Primed meal. Chad Davis you are awesome.

Dax ratatouille





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