Primed couple lost 30 pounds in 30 days with NO exercise.


“Hi Chad… i lost 15 lbs in a month without exercising.

And I’m now enjoying the sun, hehehe…

Optimal Primed Protocols sunshine1

Michael lost 15 lbs too…also without exercise……

Sick vs healthy


Here are some of our favorite Primed Dishes:

My shrimp with garlic cooked with butter.


That’s our favorite, your kimchi with sardines, egg, creamcheese roll. Sometimes i do add cucumber on it.



B’s no longer constipated… the girls are just taking a glass of water in the morning but they have 1 liter of water they bring at school. Little by little they’re getting Primed.


They’re now used to eating food cooked in vco & olive oil.
We’ll meet with you soon 😘
Thanks again 😘


From Chad:

Love your successes. You WILL live longer and are already living better. Your children will have an improved Mum and Dad (more energized) and they will be smarter and stronger.

Primed reverses


The Final Words:

Went to this event today where the event organizer thanked Makati Med for providing healthy food. I almost fell off my chair. The 2 doctors then proceed to give advice that was even more average than this “food”. Their advice is guaranteed to keep you on your meds and going back for expensive diagnostics and consultations. It is such a shame that many propel in the room believed some of their advice. To be fair not all they said was bad, just a lot.




I went to a hospital sponsored event today with 2 doctor speakers. They served the food on the left and said the bs on the left too. They gave out lots if other bad information too. No wonder so many people are so sick if the doctors are so uninformed.

I have St. Luke’s docs and other docs thriving with their Primed Lifestyle. Nurses worldwide too.

I have tried talking too the top brass at both Makati Med and St. Luke’s but their business is $ICKCARE with no money in healthcare. They care for your $.

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